After watching all the streams this week was that the final character list for launch?

After watching all the streams this week was that the final character list for launch?

This will be the first Gears game to launch without being able to play as a COG soldier. Seems strange not to include a basic soldier type but maybe DLC in the future.

A stream from E3 shows more characters so either the steams this week are not the final build or they are keeping characters back for DLC.

I’m not aware of there being a full comprehensive list of launch characters. We can throw together a partial list, especially of the default characters that don’t need to be unlocked at the very start.

I’d say that almost certainly, there will be other skins that are in the game at launch but are unlockables that are just locked until a particular challenge or objective is done.

GOW4 for example, only had 5 characters per side unlocked from the start at launch, with the rest being acquirable through the Gear Packs like Armored Marcus, Armored Baird, all of the Hoffman ones, Commando Dom, all of the DeeBee’s etc.

And obviously there’ll be more characters added as proper DLC via updates further down the line.

The full character list is on the gears fandom page. Take a look as some characters have flashback or mentioned after their name except for Anya… And a noticible character is missing

Sam Byrne? She’s not mentioned.

Not to rain on your parade, but I think the OP was referring to selectable character skins.

Also I like to take the Gears Fandom page, like many Fandom pages with a pinch of salt. They seem to be edited by the kind of people who like to include every little thing like some kind of an obsessive compulsive. :blush:

As an example, Jace Stratton is listed, but there’s been absolutely no indication he is appearing in the game either in the Campaign or as a selectable Multiplayer character, and I suspect this is a reference to his name appearing on the cinema billboards on the Versus map District.

They also include all these other names of unknown characters - including names of dead characters mentioned in ingame collectible items like COG tags etc. It’s just the nature of Fandom sites and the whole lore and world-building thing!

Ok I see a lot of confusion about this. Hers my theory:

This is the final build of the game BUT TC disabled all the supply cosmetics as they’re ould include story spoilers. They would almost certainly include characters like Clayton Carmine,Hoffman, Myrrah and perhaps even Niles. Obviously these aren’t the final characters as we have seen the cog gears in MP screen shots and you would have to acquire that character for it to appear in your select screen.

TL;DR: Dev build to prevent spoilers. Don’t worry their will be many characters at launch 100%

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This is a definitely a solid assumption to have.

TC have been careful with spoilers for sure.

Yeah, I would assume that we will start with just a few characters but will probably earn a few more pretty quick from either supply drops or the Tour of Duty and maybe even rewards from ranked and escape.

Yea i hope so. I also hope we can use more characters in Escape mode other than the 3 new guys and the Halo & Terminator ones.

TC said they are going to add character to escape but wanted to start with just the hivebusters characters so people have a chance to experience their gameplay before instantly switching to their favorite legacy character.

I was hoping that they would at least add a couple characters at launch for escape. That video in my original post makes me think we’ll at least get a COG soldier added. Not sure why that single stream from E3 had extra characters and no other ones ever did.

Likely to keep people of track. I’ve also noticed a lot of things change from one video to the next where sometimes older videos seem to have more content and I think it is just TC toying with us. I expect a few characters to be unlockable fairly early on if they aren’t initially available. But I guess we just have to wait 4 more days to find out.

So it does appear this is the final list of characters for launch. There will be unlock-able skins for the existing characters but nothing else to be added till October. In October we will get the COG soldier playable in Horde, VS and Escape.

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