After trying so hard to get out of Silver 2 in KOTH it finally happened!

Lost 2000 points tonight and went to Bronze 3 FML lol


I feel ya man! Was stuck on silver 2 for over a month then finally escaped … to bronze 1. I think I’m at 300 points total now. LOL



Lol I said in another thread I’ve ranked my way up to bronze 1. Bronze is the new must have clearly lol.


You simply have to laugh mate. Reset next week don’t forget, all be sorted then…
… Honestly :slight_smile:

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Legit lol’d

Didn’t expect that.


Really hope they’ll fix it next week!

Went Diamond (2) during Tech Test. Now stuck in Silver (2) :pensive:

I’m very much looking forward to it

Nowhere near your lvl, but today started at Silver 2, 4 games later,2 wins, 2 loses. ended up at Bronze 3 30%
… Oh well.
I think my actual skill lvl is Gold 2/3. To my shame and regret it is no higher, nor likely to ever be, I am the absolute example of an “average player” :frowning:

I just started playing again last night and my boost is gone now. Not that I care tho I am a Silver 1 for now. I actually won matches last night but have to get better it’s been awhile since I last played.

I have a good snort to this, well done! I’m stuck in silver 1, as a player who was gold 3/onyx 1 all through gears 4. Looking forward to next weeks reset!

Only reached Diamond once in Gears 4, but always Onyx 3 or 2 at least. I preferred the high water mark they used to give out skins, (highest placement) instead of letting us keep grinding or otherwise we might lose our rank…

Gold isn’t an horrible rank by any means!! (Onyx ain’t so far away from Gold 3) :wink:

I mainly play Ranked for skins anyway, since it’s such a sweat-fest compared to Social. (Most of the times)

Hope I can reach Onyx at least once it resets… Diamond would extra nice though! (Although it seems like they ‘messed up’ the Diamond looks in 5) Looks like they looked way better in 4 judging from the images I’ve seen… :frowning:

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Every time I have got back up to silver 2 I get knocked back to bronze…I thought I got beat up in high school a lot but holy hell that was nothing compared to this. I feel like I got outta the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime. :frowning:

Bronze is crazy. My friend who I strongly believe is at least a gold rank player got demoted to bronze 3, due to the bugs.

If he wins and plays well: 20>60 points
If he wins and MVPs: 80>100 points
Loss? -300>600

It’s the craziest rank tier out of them all.

Let’s just hope these kinds of issues are also fixed on Tuesday…

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Hahahaha! That’s funny! They fix and reset on Tuesday with TU2

lol I cant even find a match. I’ll be searching for 30 mins before I say ■■■■ it and just shut down my xbox

Almost grinder out of silver 2, I know it’s all resetting but I was super close and two losses dropped me hella far. Today I got three wins each netting me 3-4% despite being mvp in at least 2(I think it was all 3).

It’s quite vexing how this system made it into launch🤔