After today’s stream I’m supper stoked about the future of gears 5!

Yeah the game is just not enjoyable to play, the PC port is just terrible, audio isaues, voice chat not working in game, I get hit markers or shots fired at enemy but no damage done, it’s rare but it happens I’ll point blank someone and die to them and in the killcam they take no damage even though I got hit markers. If going against coordinate players in ranked is cancer if your team are just randoms. The ranking system is crap I have new players who can’t roadie run on my team or vice versa. Some smaller characters can’t be seen in cover what I really mean is the ■■■■■■■ terminator. I play on PC and I was curious on how Xbox players aim and when I watched some streams it blew my min how they can have the reticle half on a Target and chunk him but if I do that on PC it’s 20 percent damage. Bullet magnetism is wat to strong. Games beyond broken and I give credit that they addressed the issues but it might be to late I hope the future is good but for the mean time I’ll play more gears 4 than 5

Yeah I quit the game on day one an went back to gears 4 with the way they are going I’m just done with any new gears game. I’m not wasting money on trash like gears 5