After today’s stream I’m supper stoked about the future of gears 5!

Great stream today. Early November so like week and half is another title update with a lot of fixes and a toggle for aim assist and blood sprays now when we kill someone our bloodspray will be on there screen instead of omen. I will have the middle finger so every time I kill someone a big middle finger will show up on there screen. Also they said next operation maps will be insane and they can’t wait to show them. Also a omen toggle to reduce the red will be coming. Along with matchmaking fixes and a lot characters rite around the corner. Also new lancer tuning very very soon. Great job TC the future is looking good. Keep it up.





There was a stream? This is awesome news. Any way I can watch it?

Agreed. A lot to be excited about.

It’s over now but maybe YouTube in a few days. Idk were to watch it if missed thow.


Thank you :pray:t3:

Thanks for the highlights. Reduced omen and an actual use for blood sprays sounds interesting.


I don’t have much faith in’em, but you never know what’ll happen.


I’m with you, today was a real good step for the game and even more so for TC.

It still isn’t enough but it gives me hope for later down the line.

Still, in my view, the game will play the same as the changes aren’t enough to combat (lol) the design of the game. They have to fight that horrendous initial design in order to improve it.

Good job, TC.

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The aim assist toggle makes no sense to me.

If you turn it off, doesn’t mean other ppl will. Which means when someone who has it turned on battles you, it’s still going to work exactly the same for them. All you’re doing is making sure you don’t get some of those questionable cheese shots…


What is aim assist toggle? Does that turn it off for the individual or the given mode?

I just want competitive aiming (like execution/escalation) in all ranked game modes (really all non-pve modes but whatever).


The new cod has 4 options to choose from for aim assist maybe something similar

They’re scared and their backs are against the wall as the casuals are leaving in droves. Finally, company has left and now it’s time to get down to business and see what they can actually do to improve the game. Not hopeful it’ll be anything too drastic (like skill gap related) but hey. You never know.

One things for sure, the players leaving right and left seems to have changed their tune. Which is good.

Hope this momentum continues and they follow through with this stuff especially regarding weapon tuning and aim assist

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But what do they do?

Does it isolate the people w/ it away from your matchmaking search? Or does it only effect you, making it just a handicap function?

I don’t know anything about CoD or any FPS for that matter except for Halo (which I’m not that great at anyway), so I’m going to be lost there if we got that route.

Isolating people with or without aim assist would be bad for anygame especially gears

This is how the new cod does it

The four options are: Disabled, Standard, Experimental, and Enhanced. Disabled and Standard are self-explanatory, while Experimental is “Precision aim slowdown that factors in target velocity”, and Enhanced is “Precision aim slowdown with additional near-miss assist.”

I’m happy they’re finally addressing these issues, but is it too late? Once I hit General a month ago for the achievement I haven’t touched the game since. I’ll be back on when the lancer is nerfed a little or least drop off damage is implemented for it, but I’m afraid that the community has dwindled so much it doesn’t even matter at this point.

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Wow, that’s some bullsh*t

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