After playing some FFA

Haven’t played much versus in this game yet until trying to grind for this Krampus skin. All I can say is that I agree 100% with all the gripes about versus. The inconsistent hit detection and damage is some of the worst I’ve ever seen in a large title PVP game.

There’s not enough breaker mace hate in this thread.

This saddens me deeply.


Allow me to break the ice… breaker mace is bad. You are welcome! I deliver like delivery driver mac!


Makes me think of Icebound, now i’m really sad :disappointed:

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Would an artic diver mac skin help ease the pain?

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I was expecting Delivery Driver Mac to be recolored into Ugly Gearsmas Sweater Mac.


Seeing the Mac in a skin tight diving suit would definitely help, yes.

I know right, TC would make so much money, shame.

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Yeah the mace sucks but honestly the terrible hit detection and damage consistency with the gnasher is what really is making versus miserable for me. I usually ping pretty low also in the mid 20s.