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After playing Gears 5 tech test

I played the Tech Test and here’s some gameplay.
July 19-22:
July 26-29:

  • Lancer works better than Gears 4 in my opinion, is more comfortable to use and a little bit more precise. It mustn’t be nerfed.
  • I feel Gnasher works a lot better, but sometimes fails with “99% in one hit” for example.
  • Playing online either PC or Xbox One is more stable, even with my poor Internet Service (Telmex) in México with ping higher than 120 every moment, spikes randomly up to 1100, but again is my Internet service (I played mainly on PC with my Xbox One Controller all the time, I don’t like to play with keyboard and mouse with this franchise)
  • I don’t like Ranking system, I stuck on Diamond 2 on KotH, no matter if I’m MVP and get the most points or kills. Whatever, I’ll play multiplayer because really I enjoy It.
  • It seems that on PC will work better than Gears 4 that crashes and suttters randomly, sometimes forcing me to shutdown my PC with power button, Is sad isn’t fixed yet, I hope doesn’t happen again in Gears 5.
  • Downloading the tech test on MS Store is ■■■■, It stucks randomly, and the best part of this is the game will be released on Steam, thanks!
  • Arcade mode is fun but I’ll keep playing KotH.
  • Escalation is good.
  • The new weapons are now my favorites, specially the Lancer with grenade launcher.
  • The tweaks for old weapons like Retro Lancer are very good.
    Despite the disastrous start of tech test, and I didn’t trust TC and Microsoft, I have a confidence vote for them, and the only main things I want to see 3 things in this game:
  • Keep the bots to play offline, you can remove bots for those hate bots on public matches, but let the bots to play offline. That’s all.
  • That the game works flawlessly at least stable 60 fps (I play on 1080p TV connected via HDMI), really I hope It doesn’t crash or freezes the entire computer like Gears of War 4.
  • I played a lot Horde on Gears of War 4, I expect to do the same in Gears 5, just add offline mode with a proper amount of enemies respawning according of number of players in the match, an offline settings to get all the classes skills unlocked.

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