After playing a good amount, the new tuning is honestly not bad

At first, I hated it, but admittedly I never spent any time in the dev playlist so this was completely new to me. It felt slow and sluggish. My gameplay that I’ve been refining for over a year had taken a major hit. But after spending some time with it, it’s really not that bad. Do I prefer the faster gameplay? Well yes, and also bc I’ve just gotten used to it. Is the slower tuning bad? Not necessarily. It’s just different, and TC released it very late into the game’s life. But the more I play it the better I get at it and I see what they are trying to accomplish with this. A more slower paced, tactical, intentional Gears ala Gears 1/2. It’s def not as slow as those games but it reminds me of them. It’s sort of in the middle of the OG Gears and the faster paced Gears.

With all that being said, anyone who has read my posts over the years dating back to Gears 4 knows that my biggest gripe with TC has always been their lack of consistency and constant changes to the tuning. Everytime we think they’re done, they change it again. I’ve always said that for better or worse, TC needs to release a tuning that they are confident in and just stand by it. Some balance tweaks here and there, sure. But overall one single tuning that doesn’t change so the players can have consistency and something to get really good at, perfect it.

I even made a thread on this a while back and it got a lot of attention:

So if TC is once and for all releasing a final tuning, then whether we prefer it or not, it’s still a positive change and something that has been long overdue. We shouldn’t fight this. If we do and TC folds, it will just repeat the endless cycle all over again. At the end of the day there were clearly enough ppl who liked this tuning to warrant the change. And NO MATTER what, you can never make everyone happy, especially this community. So if this slower tuning and 4 v 4 is the future direction TC wants to take Gears, then so be it. TC needs to stand by what they’ve released…tweak it, fine tune it, balance it, sure…but don’t make anymore drastic changes. Let us get used to it and get good at it. Leave it alone. Eventually the kicking and screaming will die down and we’ll have one universal tuning for the foreseeable future.

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