After beating campaign (&/or it's difficulty) allow unlimited ammo for whatever weapon of our choosing

Allow us to choose unlimited ammo for what ever weapon, after beating campaign (&/or for that campaign’s difficulty)
Why? If someone wants to master a weapon before playing versus, (which if not, increases the possibility of playing with “noobs”/ bad players) then campaign should be the/ a place to go.

Now less people will be just getting one weapon in versus… more focus on that then winning or surviving.
PS: speed runs will be funnier

New Game + settings → Mutators → Active reload: Refills clip → Total ammo: double

If you still run out of ammo no one can help you anymore.

This makes 0 sense. Create a custom match and set all pickups to a weapon of your choice.


Gears 5 has mutators? When did this happen, certainly not at launch… did it? I thought that was just in just gears 3.

It happened in the November update last year, mutators were added in and there are some fun ones in there as well.

New Game plus and such were added as well.

Thanks now I’m gonna make a thread saying how the movement mechanics should be the same as multi-player in campaign

How about the other way around, PvP movement mechanics should be the same as in PvE. (Unless I misunderstood you and you actually meant that)

Main reason for me I stopped playing PvP.