After all these years, Broly becomes canon!

Never thought I’d see this day Broly becomes Canon, absolutely can’t wait for this movie to come. Also praying Ultra Instinct makes a come back in this movie.

And oh yeah I missed the obvious, any dragon Ball fans out there? What’s your reaction to the movie announcement? :stuck_out_tongue:


Broly is a terrible villain.
Also he’s a ripoff of Kale.

Male kale :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am as much a fan of DB/Z/GT lore as Parasidian is about Gears.

Broly and Whis are my favourite characters, so I am stoked.

Interesting that the English dub of the show probably won’t yet be done by the time this comes around.

Indeed, also does anyone else feel that Broly look like yamcha in that promotional picture haha.

Evil yamcha :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it’s a bit unfortunate, but I’m the manganese is way more interesting.

Yes he did. I imagined (as a joke) that Yamcha wished on the Super Dragonballs to be a Saiyan more powerful than Vegeta or Goku.

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Wait Kale came after Broly. Only reason Kale exists is that Toriyama wanted to include a Broly like character into the main canon.


I know.

Broly is a jobber compared to our Lord and Saviour Yamcha.

#WolfFangFist #LordYamcha4Lyfe


*Still patiently waiting for DBZ Abridged ep 60.

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I stopped at GT. Don’t recognize this continuation of Z.

Long live to the SSJ4!

Super takes place before the end of Z :wink:

That’s why!images

Fan made. Very nice:

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I didn’t have a SSJ4 Goku figure, so I purchased one today to rectify that situation.

You mean a little statue?

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Yes Sir

Show us a picture when it comes!

(“o mito maior do universo”. )

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