After a lot of playing here are the biggest flaws to this game

These things some of them almost game breaking are the biggest flaws to gears 5.

  1. Matchmaking and connection issues. Every game is a gamble. I’m either God or I can’t get a kill to save my life. Once I’m awhile a happy medium. But this is mostly to do with connection. The game is very laggy.

  2. Melee — the melee is just poor game mechanics. It lunges it hits from anywhere. It’s bad. It can be abused and needs a huge nerf

  3. The flash bang. This is very op. Let it blind you but let person being blinded shoot…Both is over kill. And in gametypes like KOTH it’s just a constant barrage of flash grenades.

  4. Content. The games content is just not good. Seems like a desperate money grab. So little maps. So little character skins that you can earn. I don’t feel like I’m really working toward anything. The tour of duty system stars is silly. We have to BUY new objectives? That are RANDOM and might be only 1 star in a game mode we don’t play??? Get real.