After 5x XP gain

After the 5x XP event is over we need to have a permanent 2x XP. The game is getting to the end of its life cycle with gears 5 announced. It’s going to be hard to go back to a normal XP again after this especially with 20 re-ups.


Yeah i probably wont play much horse after this unless they bring back on a regular basis some xp events

Being a re-up 13 and never doing any speed runs it’s going to be hard to be motivated to play for more xp since it will feel like nothing.


Shouldn’t you play because it’s fun, anyway?


I do play cause it’s fun. But the re-ups give me something to work towards. It’s just such a long process now. I do love this game and play it all the time. I just want that progress to start moving a little faster.

You really intend to grind to max level without speedruns?

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No. Just going to go until gears 5 comes out. I should be able to hit wings 5 without doing any speed runs. I haven’t done a single one yet and I don’t see myself doing any.


We need 50x XP :+1:


Awh man I wish because its going to be difficult going back to the millimeter move on the XP after a match.

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It would be cool if they did this ,but I can already feel they’ll turn on permanent 5x xp in October when support for this game fully stops

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I hope so!

agreed I want 5x xp to last forever lol, going to hit re-up 3 tomorrow I hit 2 last week

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could someone tell me exactly what/how speedrun works? im near re-up 11/wings 1 and ive yet to find out. maybe ive been doing it w.o realizing it.

reup 3, barely?

you meant, 50,000x XP right?

Not sure. I haven’t done them.

I think there will be regular xp events now that gears 5 gas been announced.
Its gonna keep people playing this game until it cones out. Rather than players saying " agh ■■■■ it ". Gears 5 us out next year what’s the point grinding endless hours to go from wings 2 to wings 3 ". Like I am.

500,000x XP !!!

Do it TC :heart:

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My last goal is wings 5.

Then I’ll try gears 3 (enhanced), but my next game is Anthem.

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Gears 3 is unplayable because of the low frame rates.

Makes me sick unfortunately :face_vomiting: