After 3 wipes we finally did it: Master, no Jack/Engie/JD/Marcus/Forge/dups/glitches

Paduk joined late, but just in time…

No glitches, no JD/Marcus, no bleeding barriers, just regular OG horde… Work together, pick each other up, share energy/ammo, and kill all the aliens…

We had a Matriarch, Flocks, and Carriers… (and lots of Guardians)

We had a Swarmak on a try we failed, and we were eager for a re-match, but we didn’t get it this time around… :slight_smile:

So yeah…

  1. Do we need an engineer for Master horde? No
  2. Do we need a jack/forge for Master horde? No
  3. Do we need Marcus/JD for Master horde? No

No reason why you can’t play Horde WITH any/all of those, but they are not needed.

It was NOT an easy run, it was tough, but it was fun… So if you find Horde too easy after OP4, well, try this…

We had a Fahz, Kait, Clayton, Paduk, and Keegan (me).

A bunch of barriers, and handful of lockers and we bought a few shock sentries on 50 since we had extra energy available.




Did you get anything extra for your troubles? A better reward or more xp? Everybody knows it can be done. It’s the grind that’s not worth it and the lack of reward at the end.


Maybe, you know, people just do this type of thing for the challenge and/or fun, no matter the rewards obtained.


But to act like it’s the second coming…nope.


I know they do. I’ve done many of those myself. Lately I’m sick of the constant grind for everything, especially the xp. The people that constantly call for things to be nurfed or calling things to easy have tones of time in their hands. I don’t and for once in a while would like to have things easy.


The beauty of the game was always in the variety and ability to put forth whatever challenges the players wanted.

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Congrats Op,:+1:

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kait just broken as jd,

If u really wanna to show off, use zero bleed characters, no bypass skill(like x ray).

And once ur head goes out, boom.

Btw engineer isnt that big now, as everyone could build and upgrade. But engineer make it more smooth at beginning

How about a no skill-cards run? :wink:

But you had Fahz, Clayton, Kait and Keegan in AllFathers, that’s still a bulletproof team regardless of having an engineer. I thought I was gonna see Sarah or Kat, or something, lol.

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But who wants to play those nearly useless characters? Ok, maybe Kat isn’t, but who wants to play Sarah? That just seems like such a boring role that does nothing other characters don’t do, coupled with an extremely annoying voice and dialogue.

When I read the title I thought someone beat it with a non-meta team but those characters are just as affective as JD, Marcus etc. That’s why I brought them two up.

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How does Kait who is a distinctly close range fighter get anywhere near the current Marcus with constant active rounds and no reload during his ult, absurdly high damage res in cover with constant stim while LL is active, and free self-sustaining auto headshots with bonus damage to both rifles and headshots across the map? Explain that one to me. He wipes the entire map before anything gets a chance of getting close. Kait isn’t nearly as powerful as that. I don’t see her obliterating bosses like JD is either, and I consider myself to be a fairly decent Kait player…

And I don’t think the intention of this ‘challenge’ was to make the match tedious(what’s fun about playing old grandma?). Or to have an engineer in the first place.

I didn’t specify a character being equal to anyone in particular, I said, as a team, just as affective.

I’ve played with many high level Marcus players, and I’ve seen few that totally dominated, so I don’t see what everyone else sees, and this coming from a Master only Horde and Escape player. And I’m a very good Kait player, so I understand her strengths are for close-quarter combat.

I’ve seen Marcus get wiped like everyone else does. How effective is Marcus against Sentinels & Guardians? How about Swarmak & Matriarchs? He has he’s flaws also. And I don’t mind getting some good ole headshots in when he actives his ultimate. JD doesn’t seem that great to me, well, I haven’t ran into many of them consistently since OP4.

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We did a ladies only run which features those two (pre OP4, so it was even worse). Also did a no skill-cards run which features Sarah Connor. :slight_smile: She’s very underestimated actually.
Well now Clayton can do better obviously but pre-OP4 she was pretty solid actually.

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Those runs were successful, and were they on Master?

The reward is satisfaction and bragging rights.
After all of my guys cards are level 5 or 6 then I’ll be trying new and unusual ways to win without boredom.
Even before then because I’m close enough.
Grinding clock, surge, forge are all to get to the point where our guys hit their full potential and then it’s time to play :grinning:

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Lol. Had a friend say the other day that this game made it feel like you had to grind escape or horde just to get characters to the point you feel like you can “then” play them in matches as you want.


Have you completed Ambush solo yet?

That seems like an unlikely map for solo master.


Just watched your video. Got lucky a few times. Seems to me the number of juvies must scale with more players. I had nightmares of being surrounded by incendiary juvies.