After 10 months, it's about time the chainsaw/bayonet/GL get fixed, here's how

As we all know these were moved to hold RB together with the reload button, but here is what makes using them feel incredibly clunky:

If you start pressing and then holding RB during an animation that doesn’t allow you to start up the chainsaw/bayonet/GL, such as a wall slide, a roadie run, a roll, or during a stun/stumble caused by melee, flash or anything else, nothing comes out, even if you still have RB pressed when said animation/stun animation ends.
The worst part is that when you let go of the RB button, it will trigger a reload, and there’s nothing you can do about it, if you try to use your alt-fire again, you will jam and be stuck in that animation.

EDIT: As pointed out by @Jimmeeehhhhh, the reload issue also happens if you try to activate the chainsaw when you’re in cover and you are not allowed to aim.

It is also worth noting that since around the start of OP 3, if you get interrupted while revving up a chainsaw, you will immediately start reloading once the stun ends. It wasn’t like this before, and I remember some patch notes around that time mentioning something about chainsaw rev-up mechanics being changed, it might be the cause of some issues.

Suggested fix: if you start pressing the chainsaw/bayonet/GL button during such animations, and keep it pressed, as soon as the animation ends you will engage the chainsaw/bayonet/GL, if you let it go during any of these, nothing comes out, not even a reload.

Tagging @TC_MichaelAOS, @Surly_McGruff , @TC_Sera in hope that this gets flagged to the team.

I know that the general issue has been reported multiple times, that the team is somewhat aware of it and that this is a long read, but simply saying that “sometimes using the chainsaw/bayonet/GL makes you jam a reload” wasn’t helping getting the it solved, so providing as much context as possible felt important.

I just hope that this gets to the team, took a decent amount of time to properly write it down


I am not a programmer of a game developer, so maybe this suggestion is stupid… but why can’t these functions just go back to being the B button?

Tap B = Melee
Hold B = Rev Lancer, Retro Charge, Target GL


This 100%. Whomever made it RB is probably the dumbest person in the whole company. Oh wait, that person probably already left.


I’m afraid that it’s a bit more complicated than that, because the fundamental issue is that the control scheme in this game is cramped af.

Hold B is now used for executions, and the old execution button is now bound to the emote wheel (lol, say goodbye to curbstomps with any weapon). They mapped two whole buttons to two actions that almost never get used (emote wheel and arcade menu/horde ultimate), when these could easily be accessed by a double input (RB+LB, RB+B or RB+any face button) given how sparingly they get used. It’s like this for the ultimate in Classic Alternate (out of necessity since it uses an extra button to separate slide from roll) , but not for the emote wheel.

As for the alt-fire I’m sure their main concern was keeping it consistent for all 3 lancers, and the fact that holding B while aiming the GL was not practical. They could have made the GL laser a toggle (hold B to activate, it stays active even if you release, press again to exit GL mode, gets canceled by rolls, slides, etc.), but in the end they settled for this even though it clearly conflicts with the reload process.

I already tried to bring all this up to them, to Dana, Jamie etc., how binding both the emote wheel and the arcade menu/horde ultimate would allow to bring back a dedicated execution button (and old curbstomp mechanics). Apparently, changing how these control schemes are set up would take too much effort given how many other things are being worked on at the moment. Which I suppose is why the shooter control scheme was released and never touched again despite them asking for feedback.

This is why the solution I suggested is a simple fix that leaves the mechanic as it currently is: there’s a much better chance that someone will take the time to take a look at it and possibly fix it.

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It probably has to do with alt-fire. They mapped chainsaw, Retro charge, and GL mortars to alt-fire. They probably thought, “It’s not gonna be comfortable to hold B to use the mortars since they have to use the right stick to aim. Having said that, we should map the chainsaw to RB so players have better control of their movement, and map RB to Retro charge for consistency.”

That’s probably what their thought process was.

Because holding B actually does double melee knife slashes.

Might wanna specify on control type, because the old execution button is actually the Ultimate/buy weapon button on the default scheme.

Also, the reload issue also happens when you’re in cover and you can’t aim. Your chainsaw won’t come out in this case, as well as your previous point on doing another animation.

The only reason it was moved is bc of the GL I feel and it wasn’t thought out enough. It allows you to aim while having the laser engaged. It would be extremely difficult to hold B and aim.

What they could have done was to make a long press on B to get the aiming laser active. You gotta hold for everything else right? Oh no someone is rushing me and I’m stuck aiming what do I do? Same thing you’d do if you trigger a reload too early, melee out of it to cancel.

Yeah I was referring to Classic-alt, but as you said Default got butchered too, at the end of the day both control schemes lost the dedicated execution button for either the Arcade menu, ultimates or the emote wheel. What drives me crazy is that all of these can be accessed with a double input depending on the control scheme (LB+RB is for ultimates and arcade menu on alternate, while on shooter it is bound to the emote wheel),but never all of them.

If they bound the emote wheel to LB+RB, and the ultimate/arcade menu to RB+any face button (A, B, X, Y) on all control schemes, that would free one button in classic alt and shooter and two on default. Of course this would allow them to bring back a dedicated execution button and old curbstomp mechanics.

But again, this will never be considered a priority, Which is why we have to push for a fix within the boundaries of current control schemes. Thanks for reporting those additional bug replication conditions, I will try to include them in the original post later.

If anyone else is aware of some other instances where the chainsaw/bayonet/GL do not work properly, please write them down so I can include those too.

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I’ve been noticing that questions about this problem of reloading when alt fire is interrupted comes up every devstream the past weeks, and each time Dana says he isn’t aware of the bug so now I have submitted a bug report through the ticket system. One would think TC would know of the bug if they follow the forum, but alas not.

This is TC wanting to do something “new” and “unique” I bet. And messing it up.

My gun also reloads all the time when i activate my ultimate, and when i skip waves, using classic alt.

They probably “ohh, thats a small price to pay for all these NEW things we giving the players”. They destroyed my usage of chainsaw in versus and this was a huge factor is pushing me away from versus in G5.

I hate this with a passion, i hate this control/chainsaw thing more than i hates anything else they did in g5.

One of the reasons this never gets fixed is that when something is reported (for example, through a stream question) the matter gets simplified to a point where it’s not helpful and does not provide any specific feedback indication.

Take this thread from example, if it was to be passed on as a question to Dana or even reported to the dev team by a member of the communication team, how do you think they would do so?

It would probably be reduced to something like:
“There’s a bug related to the chainsaw and the reload, can you fix that?”
“Yeah sure I’ll pass that along.”

Without context and specific information there’s no point. Someone from the dev team has to read this which is why I continuously nag them by tagging them in my posts. I’m sorry, I know that most of the posts in this forum are absolutely worthless as far as feedback goes, but there’s no other way, some of them are worth their time and they should take a good look at them from time to time.

Some control schemes use LB + RB for skipping waves. Do you want to accidentally fire off a GL trying to make things go along faster? The game often has issues with this where even if I press RB and LB at the same time it reloads while skipping the wave. The same would happen with GLs getting fired off unintentionally. Others use LB + RB to trigger their ults. Do you want to trigger that bringing up the emote wheel?

There’s a lot of things that potentially get messed with trying to fix the issue. If TC at least fixed the bug to begin with after they ignored it for 3+ months, it would be a start, or make it so that if you were holding RB and the stupid reload bug happened it WOULDN’T jam your frigging weapon because “Oh, you released RB despite your previous input not being reloading, let me jam that weapon for you in the most inconvenient possible situation!”.

Sorry, but you just misunderstood my entire post. Let me rephrase it, maybe it’ll come off differently.

  • I never suggested binding LB+RB to GL,not sure where you got that one.
  • I very clearly explained that they could move the emote wheel to LB+RB AND bind the arcade menu/ultimate to RB + any face button (A, B, X, Y). The ultimate and the skip functions share the same input, no conflict at all.

I am very well aware that some schemes use LB+RB to skip waves/ultimates/arcade menu, in fact I use one that does so. It can stay that way, all I’m saying is that both the emote wheel and the skip/ultimate/arcade menu (these 3 can stay together) actions should both be bound to a double input. Currently only LB+RB is used, but we could add another (or even more than one) with RB+face button (B, Y, X, A). So no, binding LB+RB to the emote wheel would not be a problem because the skip/ultimate would be moved to RB+B.
If you really want to keep LB+RB for the skip/ultimate go ahead, just move the emote wheel to RB+B and make it on toggle instead of requiring the keep the buttons pressed. You could even spare an extra button combination (say RB+Y) to buy horde perks on alternate without having to constantly between waves.

Hope this cleared it out.

I simply made the point more considerations need to be put into the rebinding of this control.

How about this:
Move the emotes to the d-pad while on tac/com.
Move skills buying to the right stick button.
Move executions back to the Y button, maybe bring back curb stomp on Y button tap.
Move chainsaw/retro charge to B button hold.
Change GL behavior to “mode switch” with the left stick button, like zooming with precision weapons.

I know it’s not very probable that TC look at something like this and implement it, it’s just my thought for the sake of participate on the conversation (BTW it’s the first time I post something but I’ve followed the forum for a while).
So it’s just an idea, what do you think fellas?

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I like the idea of treating the GL mode the same way as the precision weapons zoom, not so much using tac-com to access emotes. The rest may work, but all this would require even more work than adding one or two extra double inputs like RB+B for those actions that are rarely used.

Then again, this really wasn’t the point of this thread originally. The whole chainsaw/bayonet/GL thing could work much better with the current control schemes. The point of this discussion is to get that fixed.
After that we can about bettering control schemes, but that is another discussion.

If we include everything in a single thread I can guarantee you TC is just gonna dismiss it with something like “This is too much, we don’t have the time for all this now, we got other priorities”, and nothing is going to be done about it.

So please, from now on let’s just talk about the chainsaw/bayonet/GL and reload bug with current control schemes: when and how it happens, etc.

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Should never of happened, its the dumbest ■■■■■■■ thing in versus

Agreed, the real problem is that the current implementation is bugged and if it gets fixed it’ll work fine.
I’m sorry for going off topic, let’s keep this as a bug report.

Get a PC. Rebind the key. Problem solved. :smiley: