AFK kick set too early for guardian


(Saber Skywalker) #1

I’m sure I’m not the 1st it’s happened to, or the 1st to mention it but as I’m sure most of you can guess, I got kicked out a game for being AFK whilst sitting behind cover as leader.

Most of you will be thinking, or are about to type, “you need to move abit” to avoid this but I would strongly argue that, no I shouldn’t have to atall, I’m hiding, it’s the most common strategy for this mode.
As it’s generally disliked for players to rage on the forums without recommending a solution I will add this

Maybe 4x the AFK timer for a player if they are leader, or remove it completely? I can’t see anything wrong with these suggestions, however I’d understand if they didn’t want to for 4 but maybe for 5?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #2

You’re absolutely right. They give you the map look at, but AFK you if your stare too long. I constantly remind my leaders, “Don’t idle!” because callouts can get really intense and draw you away.

(chaaze) #3

I don’t know where did you pick that idea of Guardian leader hide & cover the whole match or a full minute without ANY movement, but it smells noobish.

(Saber Skywalker) #4

It was on canals, I knew I was safe an could reach the pad in time if someone ventured around the corner, I also had a teammate standing guard. Noobish? No, I jus needed a minute to toast my ■■■■ :smile:
Yes making a bong mix whilst playing may warrant a haha serves you right then, an I’d accept that, as I have but that doesn’t change the fact that most leaders do in fact hide most the round and shouldn’t be required to nudge a stick once a minute just to stay in the game.

Sure hiding may not be the “pro” strategy but let’s face it, we all love seeing our leader lead the charge at round start, ooh your leader is dead, already, way to go mate, thanx lol

(chaaze) #5

(Me0wMix CatFood) #6

Because the leaders can ID enemies on the map. Players have told me that when I’m leader they feel like they can see through walls because that’s how clear my call outs are.
Doesn’t just mean camping. Sometimes, I’m RIGHT outside where their leader is camping and I’m on that map guiding everyone.

(Saber Skywalker) #7

Exactly, alot of my ‘hiding’ is moving around the map also, it’s not all spawn camps, some map spawns are actually quite dangerous for leader, plus having your team spawn up their end let’s you push harder as no map running between respawns
Another possibility is maybe show a 10sec AFK warning countdown so I can nudge that stick/put the bong down :wink:

(API) #8

Just a note that even with your map up, you can still move around your character. You can even wallbounce and shoot I think lol. But yeah, just flick the stick every once and awhile when you have the map up

(NUBinbound) #9

i dont think you can shoot but you can melee and wall bounce for sure just melee’ing will also cancel your map though i’m not too sure as i try to never get leader as guardian because that ■■■■ is boring

(ExcaIibur) #10

Gears 3 Guardian was top notch. It was actually well balanced.

Gears 4 Guardian however, is absolutely rubbish. I cant even get into a game of Guardian anyway, that’s how much of a joke it is now.