AFK and Quitting Early

How is anyone supposed to mildly enjoy this mediocre game if you cant even find a team that is actually playing.
I’m tired of searching for a ranked KoTH match to join in on a game that’s essentially a 2 v 4 or 1 v 4 because my team refuses to leave spawn or just dont want to play.

This many years later 6th game in the series and still no dedicated report button. 6th game in and still no real repercussions for people being afk the ENTIRE game yet I lose 5000 ranked points for not wanting to stay in a 1v4 or 2 v4.

Fix your game or just give Gears of War back to Epic cause they could actually make a Gears game that players WANT to play. Coalition so worried about pushing their political agenda in Gears 5 that they cant even push out an enjoyable game. Uninstalling guess I’ll have to wait till Gears 6 to be disappointed yet again.

For me it’s the stacks vs solos. Getting the small bonus points at the end of the match is not worth the sharp anger I get from trying to play a match I’m getting absolutely steam rolled in. It’s so unfair.


Yet another problem that will never be fixed. The problem is everyone on this damned forum kisses TCs behind for brownie points instead of calling TC out on how they’ve done a piss poor job with Gears 5.

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Lol, you must be new here. People complain all the time here, if you don’t see it as often as you’d want to it’s because some of them got banned and some of them left the game.


Imagine getting banned because you complain about the broken state of a game? What’s happened to Gears?

How about when you get in a ranked and the system kicks you out just two minutes prior the match ending and can’t rejoin because I am banned and got to play 2 quick matches? Really broken.


HUGE PROBLEM. I’ve got multiple clips of the exact same scenario you explained happening to me throughout different seasons. Completely separate problem from the people who are AFK the entire match but it goes to show Gears 5 has a lot of issues.

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It’s sad man, unfortunately is out of our control both our issues and many others. Maybe if they had a dedicated team just focusing on the problems this game has we wouldn’t experience such things? I dunno, it seems they are not even caring to bother reading the threads lmao.

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The way the ranking system is/works, wouldn’t it just have been a better idea to scrap it and make everything quickplay?

As far as I’m aware there is no skill based matchmaking, stacks can play solo’s, the last minute disconnect resulting in a ban etc

Compiled together, the game would benefit from the removal of ranked.

Don’t like that your teammates are not participating or have quit? Fine you quit and find another match.

Playing as a solo with solo’s none of which are using headsets and you are getting stomped by 3 on 1 setups against a stack? Leave and find another game.

Timed out 30 seconds before the end of the match? No biggie search for another game.

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At this point yeah they may aswell scrap ranked because everything is going down hill with each update.

I really hope every concept from Gears 5 is scrapped for Gears 6 because if it isnt Gears 6 is going to be an atrocious game. As far as PvP goes.

So sad for not getting the “ranks” back :confused: while it was sort of toxic, i miss the sweaty games with players that actually knew how to play , even if they were loosing they still played to not loose points lol!

buut it was the same community that asked for this…

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