Advice regarding Gears 6 PvE from a humble Horde player

As I wind down my time playing Gears 5, I thought I’d share my observations on what I think Gears 6 needs to change with PvE to make it less frustrating and more fun. My advice is no more relevant than anyone else’s, but I have played a lot of PvE in Gears 5, a good chunk of it solo horde, so I think my observations are valid. Everything I’m mentioning here isn’t game breaking, but it’s fun breaking, and made me like the game less than I could have. Here is my advice for Gears 6:

-Juvies kill too quickly. It’s just dumb and not in any way fun. Master? Sure, kill instantly. But I’ve had them immediately kill on Advanced. Why? This was not the behavior in 4 or earlier iterations. Leeches are a fun breaker too, but they don’t seem to aggressively kill as often.

-Still too many leeches on levels they appear. It’s an annoying enemy and getting pelted by them doesn’t make the game more challenging or engaging. I’ve just sat there and waited a few minutes as they splattered on me.

-Too many flash bang chuckers. Seriously, why is it the behavior to launch multiple flash bangs by EACH grenadier? Enough.Having the screen white out for several moments on every wave doesn’t increase the difficulty, it just makes it more annoying and time consuming to get thru the waves.

-Matriarch should not be in Horde, or take away it’s ability to instantly destroy fortifications. It’s not “horde-like”. I’m not saying it’s OP (it’s not), it’s just annoying.

-A.I. Cog were helpful in Horde but they are still incredibly dumb. I’ve died too many times as they stupidly stand there and let me die via a Sire. Couldn’t they be programmed to make the player the priority?

-Get rid of the fabricator that can be destroyed. As I worried would happen, I’ve had multiple late game quits because a fabricator got destroyed and mid-wave no one could be brought back. A fun killing bad idea. Just program horde enemies to climb over fabricators!

-Bring back turrets, maybe only allow them to be built on certain maps?

-More hidden rooms, more in-level secret stuff. The District idea was cool.

-Give players more “hero moment” opportunities. Say, for example, if a Scion is picking up a downed player to kill them, if the Scion gets killed before they crush the player, the player should be saved.

If anyone else has other ideas to improve PvE, share your thoughts!


Or maybe limit it so only 1 can be built at any one time?


This. Never understood this. Never liked. Won’t miss it.


Bring back turrets and get rid of sentrys altogether! . Teams camping behind sentrys should never be allowed, how are new players suppose to get better when this is the easy option for them?


-Have a card scrapping feature at launch
-More enemy variety
-Increased ammo capacity
-Cut down on filler enemies
-Remove perks
-Remove ultimates and the hero system(that stuff can be reserved for a overrun type gamemode)


I agree with the card scrapping. It could’ve been baked in from the start.


Bring back Beast mode and Overrun


Turrets need to return honestly. I feel like Gears 3 has better sentries than 4 and 5 as well not because they do more damage I think it’s actually the opposite of that at certain levels.

Too many players depend on sentry turrets and it really gets annoying when you’re sitting there behind 30 Auto-MG’s because an engineer wanted some kills.


Should have the ability to lock fabrications to a player so people can’t move stuff around (locks are optional via button press by the owner and can be unlocked the same way)

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One thing that annoys me is when a Boss has the protection of a Bastion. And even worse is when the Bastion flies to a spot where you can’t hit it. That and Guardians flying to places where you can’t really attack them until they come back out.

It’s not a huge deal unless I’m playing on Inconceivable or higher.

It’s mostly a annoyance.


Yes. That and Weapons Lockers. I just mostly chose classes with ammo perks. To avoid the WL drama.

And for Sentries, I’ll usually guard the other side of the setup. But if there’s a ton of sentries all over the place killing nearly everything, that can make for a boring run.

More enemies! Ive said it so many times. Horde is not and should not be locked to campaign enemies only. There is a library of enemies from Locust, Lambent and Swarm that can be used. Horde could be an amazing experience if you expand on the roster.


I’d like them to scrap the Perk system .Too many absurd , superhuman abilities.

I liked the Gears 4 version of Horde (with the card system) but I felt it was too reliant on certain classes. It was impossible to get a match UNLESS you had an Engineer and a Scout. Perhaps they do away with classes altogether. Anyone can build but no one gets a discount. If you want to repair, you have to buy a repair tool. No Engineers.

Get rid of turrets and severely limit or get rid of sentries, and decoys. Often a good Engineer would have so many sentries and decoys that there was little do do in later rounds except collect coin and clean up here and there. Or being a Heavy class and stuck on a turret for a good chunk of the game. Boring and no challenge. I’m cool with still being able to build weapon lockers to store salvaged weapons and replenish ammo. You can still build LIMITED caltrops or wire. No laser barriers. Definitely no fabricator options like Sniper Strike, Hammer or Dawn etc.

Get rid of the early wave nonsense where they just send out leeches, juvies and trackers. It’s just completely boring and no real threat to anyone. Let’s get things going early. Send out drones, snipers, Boomers etc.right away. No need to waste the first few rounds on simple cannon fodder.

Mix up the enemies more. One thing I didn’t like about Horde on Gears 4 was the lack of variety within each wave. It would be cool to have waves where you are fighting Drones, Scions, Maulers, Kantus, Lambent Drudge, Juvies, Db’s , Sentinels, etc. etc. all in the same wave. That would be madness and would necessitate some strategy to deal with the variety of attackers.

Mini Bosses every 5 rounds. Im thinking a bunch of Wardens or some Beserkers, Lambent Beserkers or Matriarchs , a tempest or Reavers.

As someone put it, Horde should be about “guns and guts” . Get rid of specialized classes and fight through with basic starting weapons . All characters start with lancer, Gnasher and snub.

I want it to feel almost impossible. Like your’e up against all odds with little hope of victory. Maybe with some good luck and prayer you can get through it.

This. There’s a ribbon called ‘Not So Fast’ that’s to interrupt an enemy executing a teammate but it’s not like it actually interrupts it… Your ally still dies because they can’t handle falling a few feet after the scion dies I suppose? They can go back down and be in need of revival like when a pummeling drone is killed.

YES! No more removals… People calling for MG sentries to be removed are silly-willies, try calling for the removal of dipsticks instead!

Fortifications are nearly useless against bosses… How about some Cryo Cannon sentries, some anti-air defenses or that great big F-off button… what was it called? Oh yeah, the Hammer of Dawn!
When the boss wave rolls around and all your stuff is trashed instantly it makes you wonder why you bother fortifying at all.
(I know you can always move them into walls but the result is basically the same, you get overrun because you have no defenses).

It’s pretty dumb how you can fend off a drone pinning you for tens of seconds or resist a sire tearing you apart for a few seconds but the juvies emit big-brain frequencies that make your character forget the basics of self preservation.


Agreed so many times I’ve sniped a scion before he could finish the job but alas the teammate is still fodder.

I actually like that it can be destroyed if they were able to get through your defenses and destroy it it means the team wasn’t doing what it should have and now you pay for it. This was one change I liked that they made as to many people used the fab to glitch entryways and such.

These would be preferred to the MG sentries. Nothing more annoying than having a bagillion sentries spamming the map would much prefer turrets.

I turn these off in my lobby as they will kill the last enemy after you down them not to mention half the time you go down right beside them they just look at you for like 30secs before picking you up.

That is super annoying I agree on master they don’t down you they just go straight into execute which is really annoying when your right beside a teammate and they have no time to revive you.

The most annoying thing about leeches is how fast they will destroy your taps and they tend to zero in on them before anything else but they are super easy to kill or avoid and make for fast waves so it’s kinda a give take.

I haven’t noticed this personally but I like the flash bang drones because it’s the only way to get flashbangs in horde. For some reason they are the only item you can’t get from the fabricator. It would be nice if they added the flashbangs in the fab.

Simple - Make sentrys the cheapest fortification to build, so that engineers can spam them. :joy:

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Yeah, why can a character fend off a drone elite for multiple minutes, or a pouncer for that matter, but not a lone juvie?

If they want to make juvies kill downed players, at least give them an animation where they wrestle with the juvie and have a few moments to be saved, like they do with the pouncer.


I recently played Resident Evil 6 again and I forgot how fun is being simple just killing enemies punching and doing combos, Interesting using Jake Muller and its melee attacks and faster dashes (Is what Striker class should have been on Gears 5).
One of the most important part of this is I can play alone, without internet, without other players if I want, without complications.
There’s also a skill points system not too complicated to understand and not too grindy, leveling up skills like critical damage, assault rifle damage lvl 1, 2, etc. But no mandatory to play if you just want to play a few hours.

I know everyone don’t care what I wrote but is just my thougth about games should be easy and not complicated to play, not in terms in difficulty itself, but now became in a horrible environment with the online player base, players not trying to play properly or developers complicating the experience with stupid decisions doing the game more unpleasant. Trying to f4)@#%ck is like juvies insta kill.

Right now a lot of friends left Gears, for me trying to play Gears 5 pve with random is a pain in the 4@$?#%ss. And the damn skill card absurd grinding doesn’t help to incentive players to play Horde or Escape, plus the damn server issues, well they’ll try another game with game pass, Steam, etc.
If TC really care the coop modes they will simplify the mechanics and being more user friendly, encouraging players use different play styles, not forcing them like limiting bleed or explosive damage or 1000 cost fortifications, a friend always tells me when she sees this kind of mutators, she prefers not to play Gears and moving forward to another game or watch movies on Netflix.


I think you bring up good points.

Ultimately “the point” of this post was to point out stuff I’ve experienced in PvE that’s just not fun. There is nothing fun about playing solo horde and getting to wave 44, only to have it end via some random juvie kill.

Also, things like the fabricator being able to be destroyed have caused good games ive been in to end with everyone disgusted and quitting.

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I tried to play with the friends left to avoid that issues, an anchor can deal with the first waves easily with lethal barrier card and its Boltok, even I killed Wardens with that, I can help engineer keeping the enemies away only playing my role, if the players actually use the class at the full potential, those situations wouldn’t happen, instead I see Demolitions building, Jack upgrading when I’m engineer and he even told me I don’t have a clue. It drives me crazy and I’m out. I’m just leveling the cards left to lvl 6 just for being completionist.