Advice on how to complete this daily ToD challenge? (Killing drone elites.)

I have two daily challenges involving drone elites. Kill 30 drone elites and kill 60 drone elites.

How can I get this done reasonably fast? I tried playing some horde mode and had 140 or so kills overall, but only got 7 drone elites. Is there a certain wave they are prevalent on or something?

I got a lot of drone elites playing solo horde as JD on Dam. Got about 30ish between waves 7-10. :wink:

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Thanks man, that did the trick! Turns out I had tried the worst waves for it since I started at 1 and went to 4 or 5, then quit and restarted at 11 (figuring I’d avoid the boss). So that’s how I originally got so many kills without having many elite drones. :roll_eyes:

But yeah, if you just go from 7 to 10 (and turn off AI bots so those greedy ■■■■■■■■ don’t steal your kills), it went pretty fast.

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