Advertisement plastered on Gears 4 title screen

I logged in the other day to start the new challenges and the first thing that grabbed my attention was the blatant advertisement for “Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” now prominently plastered on the MAIN TITLE SCREEN of the game I purchased and the option to hit X to quickly purchase it. What the hell is this? I paid for a game, I didn’t know I would be inundated with ads the minute I fired it up. It’s bad enough the MOTD is rarely news, but a gateway to the Microsoft store as it is… but now advertisements are on the main title screen of the game itself?

Some people will find this to be a small minor problem, and that’s fine for them, but I for one am soured by this tactic. Blu-ray movies arguably do the same thing, some forcing you to sit through the previews while others allow you to skip them… but I have yet to purchase a Blu-ray of … let’s say… the newest Marvel movie, and I go to start the movie but plastered on the main title screen are boxes of advertisements to the next Marvel Blu-ray release and a link to pre-order it.

Will the Gears 5 title screen be plastered with advertisements to purchase the newest Halo or Forza titles?

I wanna see Gears 5 everywhere.

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