Advanced Modifiers in Horde/Escape

So firstly I’d like to start by agreeing with the rest of the internet that Horde just basically sucks now. Don’t know why they made it so bad and seems to be missing so much content. The one thing that I’d like to ask/point out is that I have no idea how to use the advanced modifiers in my own games. People have said that I must complete a Hive or Horde match with all 3 starter modifiers active, well I’ve done that… multiple times. Any insight or advice? Please.


Did you find out how yet? I need to know too and cannot figure it out for the life of me.

Nope. Still trying to figure out. I think it has something to do with completing one but I’m not sure so I’m doing all of the escapes right now. If you want to team up let me know.

If you complete a Horde or Escape match with 3 mutators on, you unlock the fourth one for that Horde map or Escape hive.

Ive completed every hive with all three modifiers on multiple times and it doesn’t unlock. Do I have to do it in matchmaking first?

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I’ve done that a few times now on advanced in horde and i still havent unlocked elite…

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Some people have theirs bugged. Our party leader had this in escape. TC is aware and hopefully can fix soon.

Replying so it doesn’t look like I am ignoring you. If that happens it is a big and TC is trying to fix it.

I logged in today and it seems to have unlocked.

I think it’s map-by-map. If you beat Bunker with an advanced modifier enabled then you can enable the next modifiernon Bunker, but it will still be locked on Forge

Yes, it’s on map basis, so you have to unlock them all for each map…

What we do is do a game with ironman and nothing else on (this is easy), then do a game with extra health and extra damage on (and nothing else - that one is tough), which starts to unlock the advancaed ones, which we work on one at a time… Per map…