ADiamond scion not claimable

Ok, so I can’t claim the diamond scion even though season 4 ended. Yes, I had all 5 diamonds I needed but lost 2 of them. I understand I had to wait til the end of the season the get him but why isn’t the option there ?:confused: someone help?

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You won’t be able to claim it, it will be manually awarded to your account. Should take at least a week or more.

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Thank you so much! I got worried

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You won’t be able to claim diamond scion, until they have updated the season 4 stats on the web. Below is some points what TC have posted on a previous What’s Up specifically on when you can claim the character if you lost the rank during the season.

At best you will need to wait a few weeks before being able to claim the character.

Thanks for the info!

Yeah I don’t think it will be automatically awarded. Once they collect everyone’s season 4 stats and show your stats from that season on the website, then it will become claimable for OP.

Note that it will take at least 3 weeks. Likely closer to 6.