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Addressing the Balance

Afternoon Gears fans!
Before getting started I’d like to say I’ve been playing gears since the original, I have clocked up a lot of hours playing…and I’m very very bad at it.
After playing the Tech Test I hopped on here to see how it went down. Not well it would appear.
Well, I’m here to address the balance. I personally haven’t enjoyed a Gears game this much online in years.
The addition of Arcade mode is a godsend for those like me. I absolutely love the mode!
I know it is not one for the purists , I understand they added it for a more casual audience. But it’s the mode I always wanted.
As I mentioned, I’m a bad player. I get tired of getting annihilated by people bouncing around with a Gnasher. I can’t be the only one?
Now, I barely see Gnashers at all, all weapons seem relevant. The meta for Arcade seems to be different (for now)
I feel like fights are more strategic now. People hunker down a bit and use ranged weapons.
It’s fun working out a route and planning a flanking maneuver. Something you never get to do in Gears anymore.
Also, because there are no weapon pick ups , you aren’t just controlling or defending the same areas of a map over and over. The fight slowly shifts around keeping encounters fresh.
Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Arcade Mode and wanted to bring a little positivity to the forum :smiley:
I hope some of my fellow ‘hardcore casuals’ out there agree with me.

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