Additional bugs

After the newer forum is so “confusing”, I can’t find a collecting thread with these bugs. (Do not even find today’s patch notes…)

2 of the most annoying bugs i’ve found so far:

  1. Some Act-Bosses like the Snatcher disappear in the middle of the fight. Either you won then or the death screen appears and you have to re-fight.

  2. A rather general bug.
    If you aim, shoot and hit an enemy, everything is fine. However, if there is a object behind the character that obscures the position of the visor on the display just because of the camera angle, then you no longer hit the enemy. Instead, you hit the object that actually stands behind your character and in the front of the camera while you still have a free line of sight between your character and the enemy if you move the camera again. That’s very disturbing at the matriarch.

e: 3.
The benchmark barely seems to use any insane shadows at all. Unfortunately, these are very significant in terms of performance. (Especially in Act 1 - “jungle”)
While the benchmark shows a result of 56-60 fps for its scene, in act 1 you only get 50-53 fps with very strong fps-drops down to a total of 5 fps on certain points. It’s stable 60 fps without insane shadows but with everything else on its maximum. Only the cut scenes have their stuttering. So it seems to me that these insane shadows aren’t really used in the snowy benchmark. This or act 1 is extremely unoptimized. (RTX 2070, i7 8700K etc)

Kinda dumb the categories seemed to have disappeared when they 86’ed the Gears 4 section.