Adding Option to turn Hitscan ON/OFF for Gears of War Ultimate

Epic said it themselves, "Gears 1 was created for the skilled gamer so we wanted to make something for everyone toward Gears 2" 3, 4, 5.  Saying, make something for everyone can be better described as we now use hitscan.  Gears of War 1 was the first and last game to ever not use Hitscan on Xbox Live.  Currently, every shooter online uses it.   Hitscan is basically the games  shooting system that anticipates what's considered and determined as a direct hit.  So even if the game is laggy, if perfectly aimed, the game will anticipate your bullets direction and hit the target.  

What Epic meant by "skilled player" was, since 2006 Gears of War 1 for 360 didn't use Hitscan, it was up to the player to consider, determine and anticipate where there bullets will shoot based on the Games connection aka Leading Your Shots.  So why hasn't Epic created another Gears aimed at the skilled player?  Regardless of what you think, they said it themselves Gears 1 being for the skilled player and every release after aimed toward everyone.  

The biggest problem with Gears 1 was the fact 1 player is the host and only hosts bullets immediately  hit the target after firing with 0 lag.  Epic fixed the host problem by using hitscan but that's not what the community wanted at all.  Gears 1 was for the skilled player, so why the hell did they add hitscan making it for everyone? 

  Do you remember playing live during the Gears 1 days.  Don't you remember it being incredibly more fun than every release after?  It's because it was the lag that separated Gears from every other game out there.  Leading your shots took incredibly more skill than using hitscan aiming directly on players.  

 When Gears Ultimate released I don't think I could've felt more let down ever.  If they would've just made it so there was a dedicated server and everybody has to lead their shots, GEARS WOULD EXPLODE  again.  Why?  Because they'd be the only ones not using hitscan just like they  were in 2006.  

So I said all that to say, I’m starting a petition toward adding an option on Gears of War Ultimate where you can turn hitscan On/Off. Because I know with everything in my heard, turning hitscan off would remind gamers all over the world why they fell in love with Gears in the first place. Thanks for readin an hope everyones stayin safe. Peace

Good luck with that.

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Good luck with you petition (but UE… aren’t you a bit late?)

Also, what’s with the format? no way I’m reading that.

idk how to fix the format . I have no idea why it posted like that lol. It’s never to late to fix what Epic forgot. If they released Gears 6 without Hitscan, Gears would dominate online gameplay, because it would be the first game ever aimed toward the skill player. Every game after gears 1 goal was to make it easier for everyone to play to make more money. Epic has made the money, and they think creating a game for the skilled player won’t make as much when in reality it’ll make more then all because it’ll be one of a kind