Adding DOC HOLLIDAY on Gears 5 character roster

Hi TC.

I wonder if you could add DOC HOLLIDAY from the wild west into Gears 5 roster, I mean if Batista was added which I don’t see the point of … I wonder if you could add him since its the most bad asss from the west.

It would be great if he could use his Pistols, instead of Lancer , just like in SUNSET RIDERS.

" I’m your huckleberry "



Why, Johnny Imago - you look like somebody walked over your pod.



"How your teeth Locust ? You take care of them… They cannot be replaced "


How about Marcus has an “Army of Darkness” experience, and gets warped into the old west. Scrap all the other crap in this game and re-skin everything to gun slingers, gamblers, and brothel gals.
Take my money, please.

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that would be insane man… I would buy that without a doubt… .it would be like a SUNSET RIDERS game but with online capabilities and way more gore than ever…

The final boss would be a Locust with smith and wesson rifles.

yes Ill put money onto that so I can play… without a doubt @Me0wMix_CatFood

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This is my Boomshot!


Or just come play RDR2 with me and make your char look like him, theres a tut on how to do so.

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Please…dear God in heaven…please make this madness stop…we cant even get the characters we want like the color blast yet we ask for things outside the universe…I think I am having a stroke…send beer quickly


I miss playing that game

Transgender Carmine. I mean, might as well. Gears of no dignity left… of War.

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If the game continues to behave as it is… I do concur with your point man .