Add WAR ROOM to horde

The new FFA map looks really good it’d be nice to see it included into horde

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You mean War Machine?

They added a new FFA map that is a new large escape tile space in the ‘barracks’ section, I’d like to see it incorporated eventually, because it looks v nice :ok_hand:

Wouldn’t mind another Overload-esque map but the map clearly isn’t designed for Horde. The only spawns that would make sense are the opposite side and maybe the left&right corner of the room.

Speedrunners-paradise basically.

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Has anyone seen those tiles in mapbuilder? I swear they made the projector room and a couple others just for this map. Some of the parts look familiar but others don’t.

They were in it but not finished 100%(some low res or unfinished textures present) in Op 4 at least, some people had also used them to build their own hives in part. Some of them weren’t bad.

We clearly weren’t supposed to be getting them because “no NeW eSCapE MaPs”.