Add Versus Invite for Gears Pop

Dear Developers of Gears Pop,
Please add Versus Invite to Gears Pop! We the community of Gears of War with the topic of Gears Pop. We are tired of playing horde mode and not saying horde mode is bad. It’s a wonderful mode for co op. But once in a while, it would be truly awesome to go against your friends you know instead of fighting random players on basic versus mode. We want Versus Invite to invite our friends within the clan/crew to battle each other… You guys are not doing that and it’s making the game boring. It’d be nice to go against my friends to see who’s the best of the best for fun.

And if you want to talk about fairness within versus invite. Have two options mode. One mode is you go against your friend at their current level. And then the other option you can go against your friends starting at lvl 1 or lvl 5 only to make it very fair.

That’s it. Please make it happen I already have a few friends who enjoy the game but they’re losing interest because the lack of versus invite mode.


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This is the wrong place, the developers of Gears Pop do not come here.

There was once a Pop! section though :cry:

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