Add to the abuse (spoiler alert)

Where to start. Campaign was probably the worse out of all the gears games (including judgement), the free roam was basically time wasting and pointless, kaits story was pointless as now she is no more relevant as a main character than JD and to think you let us chose whether to kill jd!!(kait could of thrown the knife at reyna but whatever) Very poor. Your versus mode is broken because the shotgun will kill you even if it’s not totally being aimed at you which ruins any kind of 1v1. I was a fan of core settings in gears 4 but this hand holding with aim assist in versus kills the experience totally . The stupid mace things ruins any game it is spawned into. What we’re you thinking, always have loved gears since I first got my Xbox 360, thanks for ruining it :slight_smile:

Uninstall the game if you think it was that bad.

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With gears being my favourite game, that’s difficult, even more so that gears 4 isn’t gonna as good as it was now