Add tiger king into gears 5

@D_A_N_III_3_L don’t take this as a personal affront, but I just don’t understand your loathing of 5. Does it have its issues? Sure. But every Gears game has had issues. It can’t be an easy game to make. I have a lot of fun with 5. It frustrates.the hell out of me sometimes with its inconsistency. But I still really like the game.

Tiger King actually has a really good voice. His songs are definitely oozing with cheese, but his voice is good.

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Some people just hate the game and want to say it every chance they get. If you don’t want to see that level of negativity, the forum has an ignore button. And of course, there a lot of comedians here to lighten the mood.

my friend @FUNKDOKTOR I wouldn’t take it personally, you have been a great friend. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I like Gears 5 , there are a few instances where the game really is fun but most of the way it isnt .

for example I’m used to a Gears of War experience like in 3 , where you you can see all the violence and gun fight up close and personal… it feels you are in a war when you are playing horde in 3 .

In 5 man … well I don’t get the same sensation of warfare… its a game that is designed to cater people who like TWINS and sesame street shows… and EPIC’S Gears of war games were targeted for people who liked PREDATOR movies .

Every time he gets a kill:

“Carole ■■■■■■■ baskins!”

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Every time I get a kill I whisper “So good I should charge admission.”

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hahahahahhaa lol man … that would so great and his Ultimate would appear a BIG TIGER killing locusts one bite and a time… hahhahaha


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