Add the sawn-off to Gears 6 😏

I miss the sawn off from Gears 3,if theres any possible way to see its return perhaps in the next game, how would you do it and would you even want it back?

I personally would love to see it back, what do you think?


@Ektope found your soulmate.

I’d be prepared from a lot of complaints from the Versus crowd if this happened. If they brought back the G3 version of the weapon however. I wouldn’t touch it. I hated it in the Campaign. At least in J the weapon was actually good for something in PvE with seemingly slightly improved range and two shots rather than just one before a reload.


One of my favorite weapons because of the execution animation that goes with it. Makes you feel like a total bad ■■■! Wish they could put it in Gears 5.

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Yes! That execution is fire :ok_hand:

This seems to be a recurring theme :neutral_face:

I liked the Gears 3 version for horde, it was great for clearing all types of boomer variants, way I see it though… It’d definitely be more power weapon material than anything, like what they did with the retro and hammerburst…

On the real, can someone explain to me how a sawed off shotgun(that has no range on it) made an entire community seethe?
Seriously, how do you get bested by a guy with a gun(with no range) when you have a two shot down/kill gnasher?


it was used to troll lol, you would just camp behind a corner and blast someone once they came around, you would also intentionally down someone, pull the bait and switch and hopefully kill 3 or more players at once :joy:

I honestly had far more problems with Hammerburst/Lancer than Retro/Sawed-off, at least with the latter you had to actually move around the map to use them effectively, Rifles ruined Gears more than anything.

Some perspective: it was common to have 30+ minute long games of TDM in Gears 3, the reason was that crossing was so powerful that no one wanted to push so games became long drawn out stalemates. I quit Gears 3 about 6 or 7 months post launch for a reason lol.

How about a inproved sawn with 4 barrels allowing you to kill anything in one shot.

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The OP overkill sort of took its place

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God who cares about complaints this gun was amazing

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That’s what I was woundering…

I mean assuming you get the body on the gnasher at close range you could camp round a corner all the same, you could all also bait and switch with a few weapons right now in Gears 5 so I don’t think this is really a problem, I think the issue was you had the power of a multi-kill with one shot in a loadout, which is pretty gross, I personally think a remedy for this if it was to say be introduced to Gears 6 would be to make it a power weapon like the retro/hammy is rn in Gears 5…

Can’t tell if serious :joy:

Yeah, I don’t believe rifles factor in spoiling Gears gameplay, but we DO have plenty of rifles, another shotgun won’t hurt imo, plus if the sawn-off was a power weapon it’d be unlikely they’d be active on the map at the same time…

My guy :point_right::sunglasses::point_right:

Why man?? :sob:


We are men of culture


Gnasher is (in my opinion) the epitome of Gears MP, nothing utilizes the cover based system and the wallbouncing like it does, so anything that gets in the way of such a core focus of Gears MP is bound to piss people off. Even making it a pickup weapon wouldn’t solve it, same reason why people despise Training Grounds in Gears 5… Overkill :roll_eyes:

In layman’s terms:

Gnasher=fun/exciting gameplay
anything else=boring campy gameplay

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I really hope not.

If they do then pick up only. Like the overkill.

Shouldn’t that be if the cover system gets in the way of rifle fire… In a literal sense… :thinking: Like people can’t moan about getting gunned DBNO with rifles if they’re confident utilising wallbouncing and aren’t even using cover, if a player gets caught out in the open its their own fault at the end of the day…

It’s definitely a matter of opinion, because I think you can still have fun supporting your team with power weapons or rifles and ofc if you get pushed then you either rev up the chainsaw or whip out the gnasher if there are too many pushing you…

I couldn’t agree more :+1:

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fun in terms of gameplay almost always amounts to aggressive/intense battles, you won’t here somebody say “bruh that was sick, did you see how I just lancered that dude?”

This doesn’t just apply to Gears of War, most games try to focus on what makes the game ‘fun’ (I know that’s subjective, but in terms of what their fans/audience thinks or engages in) and try to cut out all the crap that is boring/uninteresting gameplay wise, Like most people that talk about how great the lancer is won’t bring up that it only became popular because you could chainsaw people with it, so one could argue that their focus on the shooting aspect of the weapon makes it less fun then it was in yesteryears.

The problem I have with the current lancer isn’t the “support” it gives players, but the camping/stalemates and overall just decline of exciting gameplay, it should be a support weapon like the Hammerburst/Retro are.

Edit: you won’t play any Halo game where the AR is close to as good as the BR/DMR/whatever because all the AR does is just encourage you to camp, wait for opponent, then strike, really boring/infuriating compared to the skill and satisfaction of a BR battle for example. Sometimes less is more if that makes sense.

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The Sawed-Off itself was never a problem. It being a starting weapon was the problem.

It would be perfectly fine as a secondary pickup weapon. Same tier as the Retro, Markza or Overkill.


I suppose if you didn’t play PvE modes like horde or escape and only really played versus PvP someone could say this, but versus MP isn’t the only thing Gears has to offer, maybe versus just needs to remove every single weapon bar the Gnasher and see how it goes…

In terms of versus multiplayers popularity for being ‘fun’ its not that amazing on its own because it doesn’t push other ways to play currently, its just shotgun brawls and a lot of crazy movement, gears 2 and 3 had a lot to offer in terms of weapons, it was more than just gnasher fests, the aggressive gnasher fests can get v boring quickly imo as seen in FFA gnashers ONLY, I feel it needs to stay as a singular mode rather than consume versus as whole…

Atm if you pulled what we have now in versus MP and made that standalone I don’t think it would last, it needs every piece down to variety of weapons and modes to make it gears.

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play against a Diamond/Master level 5 stack in KOTH/Gridiron, tons of lancering, its been like that since Gears 3 btw.

with all due respect Gears 3 died for me the moment I had 30+ minute matches in TDM, like you mention Gears 2 but I never saw that once in Gears 1/2.

Its cool the way you see Gears, if you love lancering/crossing/camping then Gears 5 is for you lol, huge maps+powerful rifles make for a lancer dominant game.

Gears 1/2 were far more gnasher focused than anything in Gears 3 and beyond, so in other words when Gears was at its prime it was more gnasher dominant.

The retro n00bz in Gears 3 was the most aggravating thing in any video game ever.

I just think you (Not you specifically) need to be able to adapt to your surroundings and not be limited one use of a weapon or playstyle, if objective modes like you say KOTH/gridiron are very rifles heavy then they should be combined more with bigger and rifle heavy maps in that playlist, I personally don’t think you can blame a map, it just needs to compliment at least 2 or 3 gamemodes for it to be valid and have a seat in the map roster…

What about Gears 2/3 warzone??? Gamemodes have a big affect on how people play from what I’ve seen.

I don’t understand the push to make the game gnasher at its core not from what you’re saying but in general, if the game is really that amazing on its own with the gnasher then next game should just remove every other weapon…

Gears 6 would be the most aggressive/fast paced/ satisfying gears ever…surely…