Add the bots back to quickplay

Every 3 out of 5 matches, I’m usually playing man down or the opposing side is without a man or 2. Matchmaking takes forever because it’s waiting for more people to join and it promotes quitting when the teams aren’t equal. Just add the bots back. This isn’t ranked and stats don’t record anyway.


50% are completely uneven and one side is going to win for me personally.
It’s terrible.
When I actually get a full 4v4 that last all match then it feels OK but many maps are just too big for 4v4.

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I’ve been saying this since OP 5, there’s no reason to remove bot backfiling for KOTH, absolutely none, even for ranked also it should be 5v5.

For quickplay bot backfiling is needed for KOTH when people back out of games, it’s quickplay, unexpected things comes up and someone have to leave, the bots fills the spot until a human joins back, it’s that simple, what could possible be the justification to remove bot backfiling from quickplay? plus in addition to that lower quickplay to 4v4 which would make it even worse without bot backfiling.

Now ranked matches are taking quite a long time because it’s 4v4 instead of 5v5, TC talks of better matchmaking but yet you still get dropped in ranked matches which makes some games 3v4 for some time in the game and it happens to both teams.

People who cry of it being hectic and chaotic go play another game mode, talking about game modes there isn’t even Gridiron anymore also only in custom, smh.

TC should update it back to 5v5 for everyone so we can enjoy the holiday season playing our 5v5 KOTH for ranked and Quickplay.


They’ve essentially killed social KOTH.

I hate even getting my dailies on it now.

Unless my stats are wrong, they list me in the top 1% of quick play wins. That’s not brag. Just facts. Probably means I’m top 1% losses too.

What it definitely means is I’ve played social as much as anyone. And I hate it now.

Reverse the changes. 5v5 with bot backfilling.


what could possibly be the reason for taking bot backfiling out of quickplay? , KOTH Quickplay isn’t a versus event, it’s quickplay where we play before going into ranked game mode as warm up or just like the name implies quickplay, playing an unranked game just chilling with your pals or with randoms knowing all well at any point in time people can leave because it’s not ranked and you can be playing quickplay until you ready to do something else

Taking out botbackfiling is one of the worst things ever done to KOTH quickplay along with making it 4v4 also.


The whole point of having quick play is for people to jump in and out without penalty.

Without bot backfilling it all falls apart.


I’m honestly surprised on what the consensus seems to be here. No bots in social was a welcome change for me. Bots are boring to fight and take the fun out. If that means being 3 men down on my team, so be it. It’s quickplay, it’s casual.

If I want to kill AI, there’s whole different playlists dedicated to just that.

Plus in my experience the lobbies fill up quick enough. Not that it matters much to me personally. If I want a “fair” match I go into ranked as that’s what it’s really for.

If my team is down, again, that’s fine with me. If I was serious to start with I’d have jumped into ranked. I still get to go in and casually play against people and not bots.

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I do. I was speaking ideologically more than realistically lol. But put it this way, quickplay isn’t any more “fair” than ranked is.

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I don’t like playing bots either but I see it as a means to an end. People don’t tend to stay when there are 4 power weapons aiming down their solo approach. The game often fibulates for several minutes as people leave - 4 v 2, 4 v 1, 4 v 2, 4 v 1, 4 v 2, 4 v 1 - until finally it reaches 4 v 4. With bots it creates more targets. Players can sneak in and get a kill rather than have 4 crosshairs scrutinizing each strand of hair on their mustache. They then tend to stay and voila you have a full game without bots in a shorter time.


I can respect that perspective, but my experience so far with uneven matches hasn’t been that bad. Sometimes I welcome the challenge. Often times the skill level of people in quickplay is relatively low so it ends up being even anyway. But yeah, I get it. 4 quickplay try hards against you and an 8 year old kid can get fairly old quickly. But as I said, I’ve not had many of these experiences at all.

You may have a point with the backfilled matches filling up with real people quicker than if they don’t have bots. But that’s kind of hard to prove/disprove without experimenting IMO.

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I would even go as far to say bring 5v5 back for Quick Play only. But no I agree, bots in Quick Play koth is a must


Hmmm so how do I get a “fair” game of Guardian then?

Believe me the fact that it’s not guaranteed to be 5v5 is only reason I even want it back in Ranked, if I didn’t have to worry about 5v2, 4v2, ect I wouldn’t care if it went back to ranked tbh, can play my fav mode without 100% sweat… only 90% (lmao, seems like I still get em that often anyway)


Exactly… if nothing else you can use the bots as decoys to take those power weapon shots, while you sneak around for the flank.


I suppose in Guardian and Koth that makes kinda sense. In Deathmatch games you are wasting alot of deaths for that flanling lol
So yeah in any none Execution, none Deathmatch style games bots would be fine to me.

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Definitely not in TDM. The bots would have to be disabled as a leader since they are suicidal. They also need to be programmed to not give away your position when they can’t see you.but that’s AI for you, me personally, I’m against bots

Bots need to be in every team mode of the PvP.

Joining in progress needs to be part of ranked.

You will NEVER get rid of quitters or disconnects.

I’d play ranked more if I knew a lost teammate would result in a bot or possible fresh teammate.


Yea my strat was meant for Guardian lol

However with your point I’d still do it in TDM, just cause tbh the bots are going to die regardless, so you may as well get some use out of it lol

Is this the Vs A.I. version of Quickplay, or all of it.
I am not a fan of PvP at all, so i rely upon the Vs A.I. for Tour of Duty, got to admit not been on for a while, but i will be sad to see no Bots. Even on Vs A.I. you need Bots, as it is not always you get a full team, surprisingly.

I just dont understand how you play that.

No offense but i don’t get it.

quickplay vs is BS now, 1v4, 3v4

i hope i dont get my mind again into play it. no bot even