Add Terminator COG :)

Hello! I just wanted to say a couple of things that I think would be cool to be added in the game.

  1. Add in a Reprogramed T-800 that looks like Arnold.I know that going through voice lines would be a problem since you would need Arnold! Or a stand in
  2. Make it so when Arnold takes some bullets that it actually takes off some skin, revealing the endoskeleton.
  3. Add the Liquid Metal to the Rev 9.
  4. Make it so when the Rev 9 take some damage it kind of reveals the endoskeleton and when your are healing the liquid metal would regenerate over the points of injury.
  5. Make the Endoskeleton a separate option while also offering the new one.
    I know it is a lot harder than it looks but I would love to see it! I would really appreciate, and I think it others will too!
    This is more a dream rather than a reality, I know just wanted to put it out there.
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That be cooler than grace or that other chick.

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Really good ideas maybe a little complicated because the skins don’t do special things like those (remember when some characters loose their hats or helmets? Good times)
On another part I have the feeling the most people want gears characters and not crossover with other franchises.
But very great ideas.


They probably couldn’t get Arnold in the first place which is why we got stuck with grace

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terminator for both sides would be tight. i much prefer most of the swarm characters over majority of the cog characters, and a terminator with blue lights instead of red would be really all you need instead of fancy arnold flesh removal lmao.

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True, this is just an idea lol
Plus if the Terminator was for the COG you know what I will be :wink:

you know after reading countless posts of what people would like to see added to the game. I am always left asking the same question time and again lol. What was built, tried and tested and what are the things that were tested that didn’t make the cut. Would love to know whats on the cutting room floor of this game.

Ive seen the Warden variation but honestly love to see things that were intended to be in the trailers but had to be changed or removed. I would love to see the different types of enemies they had built for this but not all got called to duty because they hardly just designed the Flood, Warden and Rejects and just went ok now were done (or maybe they did)

To get back on point I presonaly believe TC should be focusing on releasing an operation that doesn’t activate previously thought to be fixed bugs. Im all for new characters but not when there are character problems existing as it is. I mean good idea OP but for now I push for the old can you fix the still broken game please.

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I understand! I just want them to change the color to blue at least lol! The game’s bugs and troubles need to be focused rn. As I think they are, hopefully.

To say one more thing. I think it speaks volumes when you have a community who happily engages with a dev team but only about the negative sides of the game. I was hoping in the beginning we could at least be at the stage of talking about the next character or next map or next dlc or next weapon or weapons by now lol

I like your idea and think its good from a visual stand point and would honestly like to see it in practice and I do love to see players engage is such a way. Also don’t ask them to change the colour blue because then they would get rid of coloues for the entire gme and we would all be playing blank screens lol.

Hell, before we even get to special guest character effects, we need to make sure the Lambent bleed the right color.

Before that, we need to get rid of blood for the Gear Corpse when it’s shot or gibbed, since it’s just a dried out skeleton.


“This isn’t a man”-Dr.Loomis🎃

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