Add some extra quit penalties and requirements to play Escalation

Quitting is absolutely more common in this mode than any other, things such as length and sometimes people in it just sick of being outplayed or losing a fight because they’re heading to an area they shouldn’t be(looking at you people who double cap homes) a higher quit penalty needs to be added, something that restricts them from even opening the game would be nice though I doubt that’s possible

As for some of the players you get is ridiculous, some actually have no clue and can not hit a shot if their lives depended on it, or they double cap home or don’t go to boom if there is a boom down while I’m there getting 4v1’d

Although this is a bit extreme I’d wonder how it would work out if they implemented a system where you must first achieve a diamond/onyx rank in core before being able to atleast enter the Escalation playlist, alternatively, they could always do a requirement to get Gold in Execution/2v2 which really isn’t hard

Ban the Xbox itself from Xbox Live for the relevant time period :smiling_imp:


Uhhhhhhh…ok then

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Quitting is a problem in all modes not just Escalation. As for your other comments the 1 thing this series has always lacked was some kind of tutorial. There should be 1 for all the different modes and how to actually play this game.

From playing all the modes, escalation is the most common as it has the highest skilled playerbase and the skill gap is larger in this mode than any other, from playing every single mode this one has the players that quit the most, I imagine this is because of length, bad teammates, bad weapon placements etc, the only mode I know have as much quitting as this was Arms Race and that was because my 5 stack would just stomp teams

I want Core escalation back, first to 3/5 so it doesn’t drag on forever.

And like R6S I could see Core modes being locked behind level 30, and comp. Behind level 50.

But it’s too late now. If you wanted change should’ve spoken out a year ago.


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I mean you cant know that for sure. The only ones who know where the most quitters come frome are TC. I personally think its KOTH since it seems to be the most played


Yeah. Adjusted to population, I would think Koth has the most

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Stop, just stop. I dont blame quitters at all anymore.

Ive never in my life played a game where people quit so much, - you dont even see this levels of quitting in fighting games.

Ive also never in my life played any other series that would randomly decide that your damage doesn’t count, or that the packet that arrived last should be given the benefit of the doubt for no reason other than just because.

Maybe theres a correlation between the two.

Maybe people just get fed up with needing to hit javier or james -from-kansas-tethering-from-mobile-phone 4 times only for him to shoot the floor once and be rewarded?

Sure, the learning curve is slightly higher for gears vs other shooters, but LITERALLY everyone i know refuses to play the game because of these issues .

You dont solve problems by patching symptoms.
Fix the game and i bet dollars to donuts the quitting problem becomes almost a non issue.

Despite playing Escalation almost primarily now, I still dable with KOTH on occasion for its more simple objective and quick gameplay. My experience has been the same as the OPs. I notice more quitters in Escalation than KOTH. Despite it effecting all game modes and your chances of winning, I find Escalation the most detrimental to go down a player. I could get behind stricter penalties here for Escalation.

If there was enough of a player base, It would be cool if something was implemented (a system tracking on TCs end) that put people with a trend of quitting in the same lobby as each other :slight_smile:

I agree re stricter penalties but not to having to obtain a certain rank before you are allowed to play. Maybe a tutorial would be nice, even as video pop ups during loading/lobby screens. I notice a lot of games are doing that now.

5 Round Esc would be better.

7 drags on way too long.

And yes I agree, Ranked should have a level requirement that changes as time goes on.

So initially keep it at Level 10-15 in launch. This serves as a good tutorial and just making sure you aren’t overwhelmed.

Then after a few months up it again and so on.

A brand new player coming into Ranked will not have a good experience, nor will the team that has that player.