Add Population Numbers Again

Back in Gears 3, there was a nice visual on the interface when you hovered over a gamemode; It shows how many players, are playing that gamemode.

I wanna see how healthy these game modes are. I want to know how many people I’m playing with.


I would love to see this.

I don’t think they will

I tried asking about Gears 4 numbers during a dev stream 6+ months ago and they said they weren’t willing to give us that information.

the only info they were willing to give us was the order in which modes were ranked in popularity

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It would be nice though, yes?.. I would feel a sense of comfort if they allowed us to see such info… Yahknow what I mean?..

If new players saw the low population of modes they want to play they probably wouldn’t be as likely to invest into the game’s monetization platform.

It makes me so uneasy because I feel like they aren’t confident about this.

I think it would be a great way to make players feel like they are involved in an actual, living community. A sense of pride.

Maybe a total player count, rather than seperate?.. I feel stupid worrying about this, I just want to make sure people are playing; Because I like it. I do. I’m afraid nobody else does.

The only purpose of including player count is to boast about player count. It in no way benefits the developer to show players how many are playing their title.

If the number is low, people will be hesitant to spend money on the game. Gears 5 has 5,880 players on steam right now. That’s abysmal, and abysmal is being optimistic.

Yeah the numbers are ridiculously low. Worse than judgment launch ? feels that way to me