Add MY REWARDS to MENU tab Please

Can you please add my rewards to the upper Menu tab please? I think that would help a lot of people. Link below 25


Have a great day!


Yeah that’s a nice idea, a simple one but so effective. I actually had no idea about the recent challenges ! For the flaming skins, it just happen automatically because I play a lot of social TDM or whatever with my Gears mate xOderus. I got the skins and I was like… “how ?” lol

Then, some mods gave the link on a community stream and I was like “ohhhhh that’s where the skins came from” ^-^
To avoid any chance of missing further challenges, I simply added the page into my favourites.

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Up voted good idea

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finally someone mentioned it.
upvoted. thanks.

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yea what he said


Thanks. I think it will be helpful to add it to the menu!

I agree. People ask how to claim skins all the time because the link isn’t in your face.

The only place I’ve seen it listed is in the what’s up posts

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