Add more starting weapon options to FFA like there was in Judgment

Was watching some GoW J Free For All gameplay yesterday and it just seems so much more fun than what we have in Gears 5!

Gnashers only is fun, but gets very repetitive. I wish they’d remove downs so kills can’t get stolen in the way that they currently do.

Remember all the different weapons you could choose to spawn with in Judgment? Almost every gun in the game (non-power weapons) was available as a starting weapon. Why are we so limited now?

We had the Markza, Sawed-off, Hammerburst, Classic Gears 1 Hammerburst… etc. More options = more fun.

TC also should’ve continued adding verticality to MP maps going forward. Judgment maps like Streets, Gondola and Library offered some of the funnest gameplay in the whole Series!!!

Say what you want about Judgment, but Gears 5 could really benefit from a lot of the variety and fun factor that GoWJ added to the gameplay!

These guys need to think outside the box and make this game FUN!!!


I quite like ffa rn

Downs are fine, it’s a free for all after all, game mode that is based around snaking around and playing aggressive strategically

If they’re gonna add new weapons, they have to remove some, if you clutter all these weapons into ffa you might as well go play team deathmatch…or horde.

The repetitive argument is kinda overused and over rated. That argument can be used for literally everything, just play a different game mode or game at that point.

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I can agree that it’s decently balanced right now and not in spot where it requires immediate change. Just thought it felt like there could be something added to make it more fun.

Personally, I’d like it if they added more starting weapons and took explosive power weapons off the map (except grenades) while keeping skill-based pickup weapons. (snipers/boltok, torque, etc)

You’re also right about the repetitive argument. Could have used a better word there. I’d actually like to say I don’t think it’s as repetitive as it is stale.

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Totally agree, but the hardcore community don’t, which is why about 10 people play this game and 5 of those whinge about the tuning. There is arcade mode that for some is riddled with bugs but I wish that had a FFA mode.

Honestly apart form Cog v Cog GOWJ was far more fun to play than anything since. But people seem to want to keep playing the same game over and over and anything that tries to develop the game in a new direction is shouted down and not ‘real gears’

Real Gears BTW is a dying game that few people want to play (versus).

I’d love this Gears game to be able to pick your two loadout weapons, even have a Ultimate and a Overwatch type hero system. But then I’m so very bored of seeing the same Gnasher game over and over. I’d welcome them to try anything new right now.


Gears Judgment was a solid experience.
As stated other than
Cog vs Cog
single weapon starts
stim grenades
price versus value it was a good experience.

I always thought if it was DLC or an expansion and cheaper or especially with today’s current Xbox gamepass model as a add on to Gears 3, it would have been a success.

Lancer/Gnasher start only with map pickups
And then multi start load outs with no pickups would be a great addition imo

Or small arena(traditional gears) Playlist and then a big team mode with variety of weapon load outs.

That’s a fact.

I’d argue that what people want is for the classic modes and mechanics to stay true to what they are, but we also want them to separately develop entirely new experiences like Judgment did with OverRun. New larger scale modes which shake up the way the game is played, for example, a Big Team Battle mode. like the community has recently been requesting.

Arcade and Escape were their attempts at bringing new experiences to PvE and PvP, but they both ultimately fell flat due to lack of stability and support.

Not true. Tons of people are dying to play classic “real gears”, but even though the original formula is still great, it’s so old at this point that we need to have the option to play other exciting large scale PvP modes!!! They just need to be done right, with enough support to sustain them.

[edit] My point is:

They need to stop tweaking the original formula and make the core PvE mode Horde stay simple instead of adding ultimate abilities and they need to keep the tunings for core PvP modes like KOTH play the way they always have. Just focus on good new maps and simple new modes like Control, Gridiron, Wingman etc. to keep things exciting.

Then they wouldn’t stress themselves out so much making new PvP tunings and balancing PvE ultimate abilities and they could be able to focus on making larger scale modes like OverRun or a Big Team Battle Mode.