Add more enemy in horde

T.C can you add locust and lambent in the horde.


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Just add it to the list of things we’ve been asking TC for but will never get

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Why would they do that? It’s not like they have locust drones in gears 5 story mode or anything.

Why didn’t they do that in gears 4? It’s not like the entire first chapter of the game was a whole load of locust that could’ve easily been in horde of anything.

Although the Gears 5 Kadar Locust could be considered spoilers.

Fair point

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it would be awesome to have new enemies in Horde mode, locusts drones, and other lucust units!

Good luck with that, we have been asking since 3.0. At the very least the rosta in 4.0 is an improvement… Maybe for Horde in Gears 6,dont hold your breath though.

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