Add Me to Play!

Hi everyone

it’s the first Gears game I play and I really like it but no players found in macthmaking
so everyone is welcome to add me as friend so we can play some horde, escape, versus, multi, campaign, etc

Steam: Derrame
GamerTag: DerrameNeutral

thanks for reading :slight_smile:


of course man … Ill add you to play some horde :slight_smile:

great that you are starting to play Gears of War… its a great game :slight_smile:


I feel warm an fuzzy inside


don’t be jealous man … ill play with you too hahahahaha :smile:


You’re pretty much a forum celebrity at this point! :joy:

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Hi @SaffronSnail276

no man of course not… I just like talking about GOW Games and hang out with friends here man .

are you ready for the next update on the gnasher man ? :slight_smile:

I’m totally ready! I’ve been taking a bit of a break from Gears recently but that update seems like a good time to come back.

I still need to unlock Classic Baird but after that I’ve pretty much got the stuff I wanted from OP2.

Add me too: grouchy pupusa

I play all modes except escape