Add level restriction to Horde/Escape matchmaking?

Trying to do all of the Terminator event before it ends and it’s Hell. I keep getting knuckle heads that are like level 3 and 7 joining Insane just to get carried to a free medal when all they do is waste higher level players time and make them fail on wave 8.

Make the minimum like level 10 on one of the medium difficulties and then on like Master make minimum 15.
Once in lobby they can pick whoever they want but to even search they should have one character that meets the minimum requirement.
This wouldn’t need to effect how custom games work, if people want to power level their friends or people want to do Escape speed runs to level up then let them. Host could kick whoever they don’t want out of their custom lobbies.

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I would somewhat agree if it weren’t for the fact that a level 1 can easily contribute nicely if all they do is grab a trishot and know how to use it. Those things are OP as ■■■■ and everyone who doesn’t have damage cards needs to be on one.

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Why is the mulcher so trash compared to the trishot? Why do we even have em both?

Tc makes no god damn sense to me honestly.

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Idk about you but I wreck fools with that mulcher on ice bound. But your probably strictly talking about horde.

This is solved by the LFG tab. Just look for a like minded group to complete the challenge. That’s how I did mine. Custom lobby or just pushing the button to get put into a lobby is often a crapshoot. If you’re going for something specific, LFG is where it’s at.

Probably accounts for less than 1% of all Horde players. With a premade squad of 15+ characters (and a level 10 Jack) we still failed.

Granted some players over extended and didn’t respect the enemy explosive weapons damage.

They just weren’t smart. Engineer also makes a huge difference too. Maybe some bad RNG thrown in.

Insane terminator is totally beatable with some smart players on trishots no matter their level.

Yeah. I don’t know.

I think the mulcher might be more useful as a closer range weapon. I know this was the case in GOW4. Haven’t tinkered with it much in g5.