Add judgment blood drive please

How to play blood drive since 2008.
1.fight for sniper.
2. Get sniper.
3. Run upstairs.
4. Sit and shoot.
This stinks man.


I hate that map with a passion lol… but with only one mode I mainly play (other than OSOK when it’s around) and spawn swaps doing what it’s supposed to do, no matter where the leaders are… I’m happy to report it’s become tolerable.

Definitely agree just tired of the same ol blood drive.

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I’m really interested in how that version would work in Gears 5. I don’t really want anymore rehashed maps though

Bruh vanity I run into you every couple years lol idk if you remember but I was Admire Dante and I think it’d run well imo.

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It would’ve been nice to have the Judgment variant to start with, for a change.

At this stage it’s too late though, there was enough duplicates back in Gears 4 (Windflare Reclaimed, Impact Dark, etc) never mind starting again.

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This game needs it.

everybody was :crossed_fingers: that we would get Judgement version the moment it was announced, but the reality is that they would have to do lots of extra work to recreate Judgement version whereas Gears 4 port is really easy.

I do want to say though that BloodDrive was a shocker, hasn’t been great since Gears 2 in my opinion and has only gotten a worse rap over the years.

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