Add AI Bots in Gears 1 Ultimate please

Hello ! Can you add AI Bots in Gears of War Ultimate please ! This feature is cruelly missing in that game ! Thank you !


Umm they’ve stopped updating that game years ago but even if they didn’t they couldn’t because it’s gears of war 1 remade in the same style of Halo Anniversary and the original gears of war didn’t have bots (mainly because the multiplayer was rushed and originally wasn’t going to have any multiplayer but the devs changed their mind at the last minute).


Players have actually modded the orginal Gears of War to have bots. To bad they cant do the same to ultimate edition

Yeah on the pc version unofficially. This wasn’t the case for the Xbox 360 version.

Hello ! Well the game still sells and it is available in gamepass too ! So a little update for quality of life by adding Bots based on the work of gears 2/3/judgement would be easy and possible ! They should do it and I hope they will ! Thank’s !

Never going to happen, at least legitimatly, Such a shame as I agree 100% we should have got them off the bat. So many good maps going unplayed.

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Hello ! I am very disapointed by the coalition in Gears ultimate edition, this game deserves a better treatment being an iconic game of the Xbox universe !

  • Splitscreen is 4/3 format with black borders ?? It is a bad joke, even gears 1 compatible is fullscreen splitscreen ! They should fix this !

  • No bonuses features or content ! nothing to enhance the gameplay or the visuals of the game or additional game modes or skins …Nothing in terms of additional content to celebrate this game !
    They could add new game modes like the ones we can see in the others gears games like wingman, free for all, grid iron, dodgeball etc … They just added hopefully the team deathmatch with 15 lives per group !

  • No AI bots like in the others games of the serie !

  • They could add filters to change the graphics of the game and get rid of the original greyish mono-coloured aspect of the game ! I would like to see Gears 1 with coloured graphics like in judgement and gears 4/5, that would be a great enhancement alongside various filters to choose from gears 2/3/judgement !

Hey The Coalition your game still sells and deserves a little big update to add more features in gears of war ultimate edition ! You are known to be specialists of unreal engine so that would not be a problem and not a lot of work for you to improve your game ! I hope you will do it for all the gears of war 1 lovers !

Thank you !

About your question of why your post got merged, imagine this;

I found 15 different errors/glitchs/QoL ideas on… Let’s say Gears UE. Now I come here and write 15 different topics about the 15 errors/glitch instead of one big topic explaining the 15 errors. (You can edit the name of this topic to reflect that your petition is more than adding bots).

Also, TC is busy with the “end” of Gears 5 and the “new IP”. Gears 5 still have some issues since launch, for Gears UE PC 1 achievement is broken for years so I don’t think that TC would change anything about UE.


Hello ! Gears of war Ultimate edition is part of the game catalog of new Xbox series and game pass and backward compatibility so I think that future updates are still possible like 343 do for the masterchief collection that is still updated even for little details from time to time ! I hope that The Coalition still care about their games and still listen the players community to improve their products ! It is never too late to do well ! At least I try ! Thank you !

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Hello ! Can you lower the time before starting to play in multiplayer matches from 20 to 10 seconds please because it is too long to wait 20 seconds before to start playing in multiplayer !

Last month TC did some fixes to Gears 3/ Judgment:

Maybe TC can do something about UE, but it can take years, (Many players (including me) are asking about a solution for the broken achievement for UE PC, and still don’t have a definitive answer. And if they fix the achievement, maybe that will be the only thing that TC would change about UE).

Gears of War 4 Sunset Update?

They still haven’t done an update they said they’d do for GoW 4

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Incredibly unlikely to happen. There is more chance of me becoming the CEO of Amazon tomorrow.

It’s just a lot of effort on an essentially dead game. It might look easy but I can assure you it isn’t.

Plus, when TC originally released UE, they wanted it to be faithful to the original release, hence why things like Horde and filters were not added.

I mean, we can’t even get them to fix achievements on this game, so adding more content is way out of the question.