Add a skin for lizzie without the clothing

I swear I’m not being weird, just that lizzie is the best character in gears, and the most attractive one rn.

These are the forums. Posts like these belong on the Gears reddit. We’re not weird here.


I’m sure rule 34 is what you’re looking for

We’re USUALLY not weird here.

This is definitely up there with that other post when it comes to the weirdness.

But unlike the other guy, you don’t have an excuse for it. Especially if this is your first forum post. I might have controversial ideas sometimes, but they don’t involve shoving microphones into people, or characters without clothes.

Sincerely, the person known for getting unnecessarily annoyed by Lizzie slander.

@GhostofDelta2 whenever you would grace us with your presence again…


Just be glad you didn’t see the original version of this thread (which was promptly deleted).