Add a report button

I have run into so much ■■■■■■■■, it’s really easy to get aimhack for this Gears and there is NOTHING to stop it.

PLEASE take some responsibility, this has been happening since Gears 1, there is no report button, there is no customer service.

If you don’t care about your user base just don’t release the game, just abandon your brand and sit at home. EVERY game right now has a report button because cheating is just a part of playing a game now. It doesn’t matter if it’s Epic, ‘the coalition’ or what you call it. RESPECT YOUR FANBASE FOR ONCE, provide some f*cking service for once. Unless a report button is added for at least this game I will boycott any game from the Gears franchise in the future.

I really hope the creators are ashamed of themselves, this game does not live up to Gears of war 1 or 3. That is ok, but the fact you still can’t provide any service to loyal users is simply pathetic

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If you are truly coming across cheaters take a video of it and send it to TC they were pretty good with it in Gears 4

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Another feature that literally every other AAA game has except Gears of War…smh

Just report the profile to xbox via the report option. Tell them they are cheating, add a description then Bob’s your uncle. Maybe get a few people on your friends list to report them too.

After being reported X amount of times they will be banned for X period of time.

This feature was abused on the 360 so people could get a new GT every few months. They would just ask everyone they knew to report their GT and MS would send you a message to change it.