Add 720p&120HZ mode on XBOX-X

Add a “GRAPHIC-SETTING” for “XBOX-X” called “E-sport mode”

  • 720p&120HZ
  • Graphics quality “Medium-Low”
  • Triple buffering DISABLED
  • Maximum pre-rendered frames “ONE”

PC-users can play on 1ms-240hz/144hz monitors having a brutal advantaje over the console players. They set graphics-settings in low to archieve 300 frames per second on 1080p they dont care about “4K eye candy graphics”…

If you can’t add this mode on XBOX-X and XBOX-Scarlet then cap “60FPS” on CORE-MODE & COMPETITIVE-MODE on both system to have Sportmanship and fair games. XBOX users most of the time tent to remove the option cross-play for the same reason is not FUN play with a massive handicap



Slow down!!

What is this?! :laughing:

You cannot flip a switch and make this happen.

High frame rates are bound to CPU and GPU.

The Xbox CPU, even on the One X, is a big bottleneck.

It was designed and made in 2013 for a max of 60FPS gaming.

Simply lowering graphics and resolutions does not guarantee higher, stable frame rates.


Without V-Sync enabled, you would get very bad screen tearing and artefacts.

This can be nauseating, especially on larger screens which TVs traditionally are.

The fact that the E-Sports scene play perfectly fine on a One X is testament to the fact that it is adequate for competitive play.

Imagine Microsoft and TC allowing the game to run at Medium-Low Settings.

Looking like a Xbox Original game is not what they will do :sweat_smile:

On top of all this,

How many people with Xbox Consoles have a TV capable of more than 60Hz?

First of all, not every single PC player can do 144Hz or even a mind boggling 240Hz in this game.

Not going to happen.

And also, it is NOT a “brutal advantage”.

The picture is smoother and more pleasing to the eye and you can derive some benefit from this but a high skilled player is a high skilled player.

I’ve got many friends who play on Xbox and don’t feel at a disadvantage when on console and can even outkill and outscore PC players!


What do you mean “1ms” - I don’t think you understand what this refers to nor do you understand how this works.

All im going to say is via my TV and Xbox One X - I’m on 0.1ms.

But again, besides the point and has nothing to do with advantages.

I’ve not read nonsense in a while on the forums but this takes the cake.

1). To hit 300FPS - even on Low Settings 1080p is EXTREMELY difficult and expensive.

2). There is ZERO advantage of hitting 300FPS when the most any monitor or display can do is 240Hz.

3). I care about 4K Eye Candy

4). I care about Ultra Quality Textures, lighting and shadows and the multitude of other settings

5). Many people like me exist

6). Have you ever seen this game on Low Settings at 1080p? :face_vomiting:

Scarlet will most likely have a high FPS mode due to the CPU being “4 times more powerful”.

But to limit the PC playerbase who have been used to high Refresh rates is going BACKWARDS.

Microsoft should be looking to add - not take away.

The limit of the Xbox One and One X is 60FPS - that’s what you pay for and that’s what you get.

Every console user has the Crossplay toggle.

If you feel that you are disadvantaged - then you have an option to turn it off.

However - Matchmaking works on skill level.

If someone has a “massive advantage” then they will inevitably be above your level.

If that’s the case, you wouldn’t come across them.

I hope this has cleared up a lot of misconceptions.

You are simply wanting the Xbox to do what it cannot.

Perhaps you should save up and treat yourself to a PC and see where this advantage is.



Dude you should educate yourself about how work E-sports on PC. Leage of legends, overwatch, dota, counter strike most of pros use 240HZ monitors with low-graphic settings to archieve 300 FPS stables.

The average joe user on PC play at 1080p + 144hz on PC since 4 - 5 years ago is the standard.

PC serious gamers. Play competitive games at 1080p + 240hz and 4k + 60 games like tomb raider, gears 4 campaing, the witcher 3 etc. .

Do you know most of the PC players consider “Shooters games” on console a “JOKE”?

This are the reasons:

  • 60 FPS on 2019…
  • 4k Laggy 100ms TVS
  • Gamepad
  • The mentality of the consolers “I play on my bed almost asleep on my 50 inches tvs -_-”

I own TWO GAMING pcs and one xbox-x

Main PC: I7 7700K 4.9 GHZ, gforce 1080 and 240hz monitor
Secondary PC: I5 4670k 4.3hz, gforce 1070 and 144hz monitor
XBOX-X: Plugged on the 240hz HDMI-Port

The difference in “PERFORMANCE” PC vs XBOX-X is Night and day. Even connected on a 240hz + 1ms monitor. XBOX-X have lots of delay cuz the V-SYNC + triple buffering enabled mandatory to avoid the tearing.


You should educate yourself that those games can achieve 240+ FPS Consistently and are about absolute precision aim.

Gears of War is not designed/optimised for those kinds of frame rates and it’s very difficult to achieve these kinds of frame rates.

Gears looks really, really bad on Low Settings and apart from turning down Ambient Occlusion and Shadows - you don’t even gain that much performance from it. You hit a CPU bottleneck.

And Microsoft chose to have Gears eSports on Console and people will not watch a game that has a small gathering like Gears.

The games you list have a much wider audience and a lot of hardcore gamers lean towards them.

If you bring facts and actual statistics to back this up then I will accept your claim.

However, average joe on PC would be happy with 1080p 60-144Hz.

You can’t generalise and claim this as fact.

Not every wants to play a game like Gears on Low Settings to get some extra frames.

A lot of people still target 60FPS.

A big audience will go for 1080p / 1440p at up to 144 sure, with some graphical settings turned up.

But compared to the Console Playerbase, the PC one is a small community.

I play Gears at Ultra 4K 144Hz Locked.

And I’ll soon play at 2K 240Hz Ultra.

What’s your point?

I just said it’s highly unlikely it’s possible with the Xbox One and Xbox One X for the reasons stated.

Again, tell me how many people have a high Refresh rate display connected to an Xbox?

Almost every TV is limited to 60Hz with no way to support VRR.

The next Xbox may be able to offer this but then you have buy a console and a display to take advantage.

People don’t replace TVs every year.

A small monitor isn’t for everyone.

Lots of barriers here.

And there is no brutal advantage or every PC player would go straight to Diamond 5…

Yes, and likewise I consider playing games competitively as a joke.

It’s all opinions.

Do what you enjoy and ignore the negativity.

A shooter like Killzone is excellent. It’s only on Console.

Halo is a excellent shooter - it’s only Console and only one coming to PC.

Listen, Consoles are made at a price point to attract a wide audience.

There has to be compromise.

Nothing wrong with 60FPS if you haven’t seen anything more or better.

If you ask anyone that has only ever seen 30/60 FPS - they will tell you the games are smooth and fine.

And this is millions upon millions of people.

So you missed the point of my TV having a 0.1ms response time?

Nothing wrong with gamepad. I use a Xbox Elite Controller on PC and I’ll be getting the Elite Series 2 in November.

Btw - M&K is now available for Xbox.

Razer make an excellent one for it :+1:

You connecting your Xbox to a 240Hz screen doesn’t make a difference.

I connect mine to a top of the range LG OLED 4K HDR 0.1ms TV.

Because that’s what it’s best on.

And you have two gaming PCs?

I only have the need for one:

The point still stands.

Next gen will feature high frame rates.

Right now, it’s not possible.



You are missing the entire point of the post that is the main problem.

Listen nobody will FORCE you to play at 720&120hz mode ok?

XBOX-X willl have

RESOLUTION mode: 4k, HDR, 60 FPS on multiplayer and 4k, HDR and 30 FPS on campaing

Graphics mode: 1080p, HDR, 60 FPS on campaing & multiplayer using a lot of Luxury effects.

E-Sport mode: 720p & 120hz on “Medium-Low” settings.

Reducing INTENSIVE CPU options to try reduce the CPU bottleneck.

  • Showing less enviroment objects: Less tress, less rocks, less plants etc
  • Reducing the animations of enemies & allies when they are far away from you
  • Reducing the quality of the shadows on the characters and envoriment
  • Reducing the particles, explosions etc

This will probably allow the XBOX-Can jump between 60 to 120 FPS depending on what is happening but NOBODY is putting a gun on your HEAD to mandatory make you use this mode.

People that want STRICKLY play to win will pick this mode and people just want have fun they will keep RESOLUTION OR GRAPHICS mode

Also i haven’t upgrade my PC cuz 2080 series do not WORTH the small jump in performance is only 14 teraflops vs my 1080 superclocked ver with 10 teraflops. The I9 9900K is a monster but i will wait to see the new AMD ryzen cpus cuz they seems very interesing with 4.5 ghz - 5.0 ghz clocks.

I probably will wait until 3080 series + official ps5-xbox scarlet specs to put money my goal is play 4k, HDR and 144hz. That is far away cuz that will need at least 22- 26 teraflops in potency on a GPU to handle these numbers

All I’m saying is that it’s just not going to happen, whether or not it’s technically possible is irrelevant when the demand just isn’t there for it nor do Console only players have a readily available high Refresh Rate TV or Monitor.

It will happen next gen on Console as Microsoft has confirmed 120FPS being a feature.

If you have two gaming PCs then simply play it there.

Where are you even getting this from?

Who said anything about upgrading?

And I have 2x RTX 2080 Ti’s.

1). A single RTX 2080 Ti is far more powerful than a 1080.

2). It also features Ray Tracing which would cripple a 1080.

3). My 2080 Ti’s are also “super-clocked” and achieve over 2,000 MHz.

But anyway, this is just to dismiss that it’s not a small jump from 1080 to 2080 Ti.

They’ve already shown the specs and it can’t match the i9-9900K.

Mine has a full 5GHz overclock on all cores.


Because all those things you listed are a long way away and I’m playing Gears 4 at 4K 144Hz today and likewise with Gears 5 at 4K HDR 144 and 2K 240Hz.

So my 2x RTX Ti’s are good for a few years and I probably won’t change now till the 5000 series because the improvements are normally 20-30% per generation and the next gen when Nvidia move down to 7nm isn’t likely to be soon when there’s literally no pressure from AMD and the 1000 to 2000 series jump took about 2 years and we are what, 1 Year into RTX.

Anyway, I’ve said my peace,

It’s not happening this gen, but it’s confirmed for next gen.


Since 4-5 years you say? Steam hardware results must be awfully wrong.

I played 4 on PC and bought an X for 5, I’m expecting a big difference but c’mon, what you’re requesting has zero chance of happening.

If you want freedom to choose your settings you go PC, that has always been the case and I don’t think the next xbox will change that.


The objective of the post is have the best “Fair and Sportmanship” experiencie posible.

Microsoft should cap on “CORE” & “Competitive” 60 FPS on PC. On campaing, social matches, horde and escape “Uncapped fps not problem”.

This is pretty much the “PC-USERS” experiencie.

  • Xboxers see your “Tiny PC icon” they D/C during the names of the players are poping to avoid the D/C penalty

  • As PC user did a good play having a triple-quad kill. Xboxers send you messages “Aimbotter” “Hacker” then they report-black list you.

  • You cant play escalation on PC all xboxers “unclick the crossplay option”

  • Nvidia since 382.53 driver haven’t fix the CRASH-ISSUES. This is 1.5+ years…

I dont blame XBOX players. Why in the hell you will put yourself on a disavantaje escenario playing vs PC users using 1ms, 240hz/144hz monitors, without triple buffering active, without V-Sync active with max prerender frames to set to one ?

I agree with you, I just don’t see those options taking place on xbox.

As to why would I “downgrade” ? I’ve played since day 1 and managed to find vs games for about 6 months, after that just social and horde.

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I’m not here to read a full literature posts about game’s optimization, xbox one x is outdated and gears 4 reached end of its life-cycle.



Having an advantage over your opponent is cheating, You won against average PC players. Well apparently it’s not just based on skill, it’s also based on buying the best gear to help you win. High pings are always the ones that eat and if not your connection is a double edge blade.

There is no level playing field whether it’s Console v Console or Console v PC.

Same with connections.

It’s definitely not “cheating” in this case.

Skill will win out.

If we’re rocking the same gear and we’re playing LAN, then yes, skill will win out.

I disagree that you need to rock the same gear. I understand where your idea comes from but it’s a bit different in Gears when compared to a game such as Halo. A controller has better movement abilities while KB/M has more precise aim. Truth be told these counter each other very well this evening out.

Side note, I love how our posts all got deleted as if they were horrible. I guess disagreement isn’t allowed here. :joy:

What a lot to go over here. I’ll do my best.

This hasn’t been implemented yet due to the fact that the market isn’t quite there yet for variable frame-rates and console users. That being said, they did tease variable frame-rates during E3 2019 so I would bet next Gen Xbox will have that option. However, Gears 5 is set to lunch on current gen soooo you might be out of luck unless you wait a year for the next Xbox. But I do agree that having options is a plus! (Cough Cough just play on PC)

It’s incredibly difficult to get 240Hz. Basically nonexistent. Especially given that the PC community on Gears is so small I might be the only person who plays Gears and owns a 240Hz monitor. No joke it might just be me LOL

144Hz is much more common but still rare compared to your conventional 60Hz display. Point being the vast majority of PC users you come across are playing at 60Hz.

With all that being said If I cap my frames at 60FPS I’m not convinced that I’ll be a worse player. I definitely enjoy playing the game while it’s smoother but to argue I’m a worse player? Well it’s debatable to be honest. I can assure you it’s not clear cut advantages like you said it is. I think PC player will be the same with or without Variable frames. That’s like saying console gamers won’t be as good if you remove HDR
All you’re doing is removing eye candy for us.

I think cross play should be mandated across all game modes.
and if you want to add FOV slider and variable frames for console users then sure. Eve though I doubt they would help anyone.

There’s reasons for that BenQ offers Esports their flagship monitors as a sponsor. It just so happens to be a 240Hz monitor. Other leagues use a variety of different displays. And you can’t argue playing League of Legends at 240FPS makes a different in gameplay…

Even shroud the king of CSGO has played with a 60Hz display during a league. But if you wanted to argue 240Hz Vs. 60Hz with high twitch like games like: CSGO well you would have a better argument. But playing Gears of War at 240Hz or 60Hz I really don’t see a difference in performance,

Okay, this is completely false. According to Steam Charts the average PC gamers play at 1080P 60Hz

Gears isn’t really a shooter. It’s a cover based game with emphasis on movement and not being a dummy.
A shooter would be Halo, CSGO, and CoD

That’s on you. Don’t use a laggy Tv. Buy a better one.

How is that anyone elses fault but the gamer himself? You’re going to blame PC gamers because Console gamers don’t play sweaty? Come on dude…

Then why are you complaining? Just play on PC “JOIN US” “ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US”

Again, I’ll just admit you’re right for the sake of discussion. I don’t think it’s a big problem. Esports players play on Xbox with a controller. So it can’t be that bad. Not too mention plenty of good Console players can cream a PC player. skill is more important.

Join the PC Master Race.
I’m playing Gears at 4K 144Hz on Ultra settings.

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Fair enough, I’m not trying to be mistaken for a communism worshiper anyways lol.

PC gaming where you will ■■■■ around for hours to get anywhere. It’s about time Steam got a ‘‘party chat’’ system.

It certainly takes more effort but truthfully Steam adding a party chat feature isn’t a huge deal to most of us. We can use Xbox chat when necessary but Discord is the go to for most gamers nowadays.

In the end we’re all gamers. Everyone should embrace it and be one big community.