Adam Fenix on the game

Hi to everyone, since a few days I got a possible idea that you can bring on the game if you think that its cool or interesting. “Adam Fenix” as playable character on the game. The idea mean for horde that Adam will has a hability that can brig some point of hammer of dawn on the map selected, similar to JD. wait you can read this, take care

Well he got cruelly overlooked in Gears of War 4 so I’d like to think he’ll show up in this one.

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They’re decoupling characters and classes so these are kinda pointless now no?

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any new characters or classes.

And when Marcus is near he starts crying.


Im happy they put debee jinn in the game, i want them to make a jinn and cog armour jinn skin.

For adam we could have cog armour adam, scientist adam and young cog gear adam.

The hope for never used comic/book characters is still there although its dwindling.

Better yet. Marcus gets JD’s Daddy’s boy card, haha.

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When they separate classes from chars they might be able to add more characters into the game. I would like to see Adam, Anya, Hoffman, Dizzy, Sam and where the hell is Griffin?

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Gears 4 and 5 had no dizzy references as I am aware (I could be wrong)

I could image his name on the side of a big rigs company.

Sidenote I realize Baird named the second Mech Second Betty which was Dizzys grindlift. Weird as Baird wasn’t on it .

I wondered that with Griffin.

I’d like Barrick to be added but there’s next to no chance of that.

Half of Myrrah’s lines don’t work (since last I checked) so sure why not just reuse the Gears 3 lines and ignore inconsistencies.

We got RAAM in here and he’s dead. We even got characters from terminator and halo. I don’t think any character is out of the question.

I don’t know how it works but gears 3 was made by Epic. Gears 5 is owned by TC. I don’t know if buying the IP gives them all the data from the previous installments.

It does because classic Marcus and dom have their original Voice lines from the previous games.

I use AF in Gears 3 a good deal, he has some great lines. This is when Sam is having a rest or getting her hair done :+1::wink:

Gow3 Adam Fenix mp character is my favourite

They reused a bunch of Gears 3’s audio in UE. That’s why it had a big cast of Jace, Prescott, Adam and Griffin easily.