Active versus ranked players are a TINY part of the playerbase

So after a few ranked games i got promoted to silver…

And i got an achievement for doing so. One which 1.4% of players got…

You get promoted to silver just for playing. You play enough, and you go to silver… No competition, no winning needed, you play enough games you go into Silver.

So looking at the whole population of Gears 5 players, only about 1.5% of them played the handful of ranked games to get promoted into Silver…

Not impressive…


Have you played Gears 5 MP? Not surprising lol.

Also not sure if its retroactive or not (you got Silver rank in OP1 or 2 for example)

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The active player base is tiny to begin with. 3,000,000 people tried Gears 5 on game pass and dipped. Now almost every non-campaign achievement is a “rare” achievement.


All DLC achievement tends to be rare as the drop off in player base from launch is substantial.

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I don’t think those things are as accurate as it displays, I’m not saying its a massive amount more but maybe a few more points than that.

Personally as a mainly MP person, I’m throwing far more time into escape/horde.

I’m also not totally sold on the accuracy of the rarity of Xbox achievements. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve unlocked what seems to be a pretty basic achievement on a game and it shows as an extremely low percentage of players that have gotten it.


Achievements are rare if less than 10% of all players (who have started that game) have gotten it. So if more people get it, it becomes a regular one.

I think they are quite accurate (excluding any buggy ones of course).

You’d be surprised how many people will play a game, say off gamepass… then quit playing it after a short time. Thus making some latter ones further in game, rare.

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So basically we are saying less then 1.5% of all people who ever started Gears 5 played enough versus to get to silver, in ANY mode…

Is there an achivement for, say, doing 10 waves of horde? Or finishing an eacape hive? What are the percentages of those entry level things in those modes, i am curious…

From OP4 onwards as that achievement didnt exist prior.

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Trueachievements shows off their site and xbox live percentages for achievements.

Really interesting to see the drop off from completing the first chapter in campaign compared to the end of each act.


So looking at those numbers there…

34% of people played an Arcade game

15% played FIVE ranked games

17% finished 50 waves of horde

35% finished the campaign

not impressive, not hopeful…

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In the same playlist in the same season, but yeah really low.

Also check up reup 1 (99,000 exp).

Less than 5% have gotten the achievement for 3 players to share one shower in escape. Bunch of prudes.


Most of gears 5 players played the campaign and ■■■■■■ off, judging by the achievements
60% people downloaded gears 5 just to play the campaign
5% play the multiplayer mode

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Wow youre so good boyy let me tell you… Silver means nothin bro try getting to masters for a year in this broken game

Some of the unlock percentages aren’t that different to Gears 4, e.g. players that re-upped or completed 50 waves of horde. Only 35% finishing the campaign though is far fewer than Gears 4. :astonished:

Do we actually have an average number of how many people play gears online on a daily basis? I bet it’s grim reading, perked up since OP4 (I came back for one) but a lot of winning over still to do

I always thought the percentage was based on total number of Xbox accounts, not necessarily Xbox accounts that have played the game for which the achievement is earned

Because the game is trash and smart people gave up. Can’t wait to get a ps5 because I’m over this dead feanchise


so 35% of all xbox live users everywhere finished the Gears 5 campaign?? I find that highly unlikely…

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