Active Tour Objectives

So I got new challenges after 2 hours but the next ones say 24 hours? I got 3 challenges all worth 1 point each so I can only get 3 stars in 24 hours? There’s no way that you could even get close to getting any of the unlocks within the two weeks that this will be active.

  1. The two week number is actually incorrect. Octus confirmed this himself though I don’t know where.

  2. If you haven’t rerolled any objectives you can get four in a day using the free reroll you’re given every day. But usually all challenges should reset at the same time. For me this is 2 AM CET. Need to figure out what the time for you is, though. I don’t know what timezone you’re in.

Also to add on the @AmicableWall421

The number of stars for the objectives are random. Can be anywhere from 1 to 3.

Pretty much. I got lucky today, received four 3-star objectives,