Active reloads in 5

Can we go the Judgment route on this one and only give a faster reload instead of both damage and spead? I feel like this would make the Gnasher more consistent across the board as well as showing a persons true skill and not relying on a quick damage boost.

Just a thought I had since balance is a big issue with every game.


Ik there’s a speed increase when playing as Golden Boi Marcus in Guardian. but I think the most miniscule increase would be a good addition to the game.

So it doesn’t take skill to active reload during a firefight? Or when you have Scion standing in your face about to blow you away with a dropshot? You should be rewarded for the concentration it takes in those situations.

I like what an active reload does in gears. Judgements system for that was broken. It’s always been a boost in damage for an active reload even all the way back to GOW1 days.


No it doesn’t. It takes a miniscule amount of muscle memory that anyone who has played for more than 10 hours will have.


No you shouldn’t because everyone can do it. All it does is make the game inconsistent and unpredictable


If damage boost is going to remain as a bonus for active reload, it should only be applied to any space available in the clip. Not a full clip of active

In other words:
If i shoot 4 shots of gnasher and get active, i should only get 4 active shots, not 8


It really isn’t that hard to do. You shouldn’t be rewarded that much for doing a basic action in all shooters. Just because it’s been this way since the first game doesn’t mean much.

While judgment had it’s flaws the reload system was one aspect done correct imo.

The mechanic of active reloading is across the entire platform of Gears. So you want to punish campaign and horde players because someone bodies you with an active reload? Or you think that it makes the game inconsistent? How is it inconsistent if you say everyone does it with a short amount of play time?

I do agree that active reloading by time isn’t true to gears and should be removed - but I do like the Scout skill card that while roadie running you active reload.

Active Boost makes Soldier more useful too with Dropshot, Boomshot, Torque Bow, Buzzkill… etc

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For balancing reasons and if to have one weapon tuning, I can see how no active reload damage might make it more consistent.
But what about those bonuses where the Torque Bow charges up faster, the Boomshot flies into/through the air at a more straighter trajectory, burst fire weapons increasing rate of fire, EMBAR stun effect?
Those come from the active boost themselves, unless they were to stay but only damage boost removed.

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I usually active without looking and have a bazillion of those “most active reloads” ribbons but I’ll admit they’re not really about skill. I’m a musician so the timing just comes easy.

Despite being good at them, I wouldn’t mind dumping the power and range boost in the interest of more level play. Really disappointing that some 1V’s are decided because one guy had an active reload. How lame.

It can be removed from multiplayer while still existing in Horde and Campaign if you want

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No, because then people empty clips to active and it’s so annoying when your team mates are more worried about that.

The way it works in 4 is fine,

I hope TC leave that aspect alone.

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Oh yea it totally does.

But I was referencing the timed aspect of it like what’s in multiplayer. You can active reload after a certain amount of time just like the active reload roadie card for a Scout. It reactivates that card after a certain period of time/distance traveled

So being more prepared for the firefight isn’t being a better prepared and skillful player?

It’s all variables really. Having to worry about if someone’s pre-actived or not. While your point is valid, myself and a few others I know of think that damage boost of reload is a bit silly. I don’t have as much a problem with rate of fire increasing on things like a hammerburst or what other changes occur to certain weapons I just dislike the fact it’s essentially free damage for doing something basic.

I just don’t see the big deal. Going into a firefight i like
To be as prepared as possible.

Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

So if I know I’m going into a gun fight with someone who could have a bigger gun - then that’s my problem if I didn’t have the same equipment or better.

If I got bodied because someone had an active reloaded gnasher and I didn’t - then that’s my fault. Not the games or the player who blew my head off.

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No. One guy might have boom. Is he more skillful for getting the kill in a 1V?
Actives don’t impress me, and I say that as someone who excels at getting actives. It might hurt me for them to take away the damage boost, but I think it would make a more quality game.

I don’t how why you are so hell bent on changing everyone’s mind. People can disagree. It’s OK.

I’ve always felt that the one thing Judgement did right was remove active reloads from multiplayer.

I’m not hell bent on changing people’s minds - just don’t know why everyone complains about every little thing about the game. If you know an active reload has a damage boost then why aren’t you using it to full advantage?

It goes back to this. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Come as prepared as possible. Make your chances of not being a dead body as high as possible.

I disagree. I think having actives in MP is just fine. It gives you an extra edge in a firefight. I think that was one of Judgement’s greatest mistakes in fact.
Getting in firefights felt weak. With actives I felt as though even if I wasn’t as skilled with a weapon (I.e. gnasher or lancer) as long as I had good reflexes and paid attention I was rewarded a temporary boost. But it isn’t like the other person doesn’t have it.
Not saying actives are perfectly balanced. But I think they are far from broken. In Gears 1-3 I’ve rarely felt the actives were too OP. However, Gears 4 definitley needs some balancing.

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