Active reload is not used as much in horde

I think majority of horde players don’t value the active reload as highly in horde or maybe they don’t know much about it but either way it’s not used as much in horde. In my opinion, it’s useful for Fahz, Paduk, Kait, Gls (for Keegan or for JD) or for any classes that you like playing.

I have seen major difference when playing as Keegan, by using boomshots and Gls (rockets) that are active reloaded.


I use it all the time I thought everyone did.


Its muscle memory. People do get them without thinking so its almost normal haha

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I rarely seen JD or Keegan active reload his GL before firing his :rocket:

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How do you see other people not active reload ?

Just before JD fires his GL is one example.

I see this often too.

When I’m dead and spectating someone, it’s hard to watch when they don’t use perfect active reload.


I see people reload in the safe room of escape before we run out and have to fight more but after that then I am paying attention to making my own active reloads and head shots and don’t have the bandwidth to reliably stare at my team mates and say with certainty that they’re active reloading or not.
I know you can see their ult cooldown timer by squeezing the left trigger but I can’t see their (or my) weapon active reload timer.
Active lasts for a couple seconds. If I’m not watching the whole time I could miss it, and if I am watching the whole time I might not contribute enough.

i’ve been telling random JD’s to wait for active reload before shooting the Lancer-Grenades for 3 Operations…


Why are you dying bro :rofl:

Because I joined in progress.

Or the dying thing happens very rarely, waiting for COG Tag.

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I never hit the active reload because the things they say when they fail is worth listening to over and over and makes the game much more tolerable when things hit the fan. (I.e. when Paduk is reloading his gun As he is supporting Batista from a snatcher, who gets captured while he is reloading, He fails and says “Really??? You have to do this now!!!” As Batista is getting carried away and a bunch of elite drones close the gap created as soon as the snatcher is out of sight.)

Is there even any indication that the lancer grenades get a boost from the active reload? I haven’t used the GL much but I didn’t notice them flashing when I got actives

You definitely would see major difference, the damage output is incredible especially for JD. Try out next time.

An active GL volley with reasonably upgraded rifle perk, and upper bleed and gl damage cards, will give you upwards of 100, 000 damage.

Rr snipers: a longshot headshot (with no damage boosts) does 3000 damage.
An ACTIVE longshot headshot (without damage boosts) does 7,500 damage.

That’s 2.5 times damage.

And it scales. 150% ambush. 50% critical hit. 50% critical damage. 50% precision rifle. 30% longshot.

I tested longshot, boomshot, markza, etc. All do a HUGE amount more damage when active.

It is not a nice little boost. It is like using a different , more powerful weapon.

Not to mention many cards that buff a weapon’s damage also give it active bonuses too. For example, Paduk’s Markza Mastery gets 70 percent extra damage instantly but also gets an additional 35 percent active bonuses for it, making it even stronger.

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I use actives as much as I can in any game mode not just in horde. I think that’s true for the majority of players why would you use less effective bullets when a quick extra tap makes them that much better. Granted you can’t hit every active every time especially with the diminishing active window but I think the majority of still players would aim for it. Heck they have character escape/horde cards that you can use that give you bonuses for an active on top of the active itself so why wouldn’t you.

Active reload should be removed

kait dont need active reload at all.
Bleed dont change on active/headshots.

JD use GL lance, which is super OP without the need of reloads.(also u have the change weapon active cdr)

Oneshot affect the most on active headshot.
Colt is better use melee to active buffed active shot.

Yep. You should have the custom GL card on at all times. Get an active reload and pop your ultimate, watch how insane the damage is to a boss.

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