Active Reload effects in Gears 5

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I was researching the net and this forum for a coherent and thorough overview list of all active reload effects in Gears 5. Sadly I cannot find a full overview. Only a few scattered infos in the gearspedia.

Lets us create a list together or does someone maybe already have a list of all active reload effects in Gears 5?

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PS: Freaking love the whole franchise and especially Gears 5 lets me experience that deep love anew. :heavy_heart_exclamation: :smiley:

I just start with this list of all weapons. Feel free to copy paste and fill with your knowledge and experiences.
I filled in the active reload effects I think that weapon has.

  • Boltok Pistol -> Higher fire rate
  • Boomshot Grenade Launcher -> Bigger splash damage
  • Claw Light Machine Gun -> Higher fire rate (and better aiming?)
  • EMBAR Railgun -> active reload bullets stun enemies shortly (according to gearspedia)
  • Gnasher Shotgun -> 6 Shells instead 3
  • Torque Bow -> Faster bow charge
  • Buzzkill
  • Dropshot Munitions Launcher
  • Enforcer Submachine Gun
  • Hammerburst
  • Lancer Assault Rifle
  • Lancer GL Assault Rifle
  • Retro Lancer
  • Longshot Sniper Rifle
  • Markza Mk 1 Marksman Rifle
  • Snub Pistol
  • Overkill Shotgun
  • Talon Autopistol

This one has no active reload seeing as the weapon does not require reloading to be fired.

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You’re doing the lords work :innocent:

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Boltok has faster fire rate?

From what I heard it is as follows:

gnasher - full clip
autos - fire rate
semi autos - damage
explosives - range

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True. Salvo has no reload. Thanks. :slight_smile:
Took that one out.

AND about:

From what I heard it is as follows:gnasher - full clip
autos - fire rate
semi autos - damage
explosives - range

That general overview makes very much sense.It feels for me that all autos have a higher fire rate with a perfect reload.
And all explosives seem to have a bigger explosions range.But there seems to be some exceptions, such as explosive Torque Bow has a faster charge time.
Or semi auto Boltok: Instead of a damage boost, the Boltok’s rate of fire is increased if a player achieves a perfect reload.

so there’s no damage bonus for an active reload on gnasher?

Only in Campaign, Horde and Escape. Not PvP modes.

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I would like the gnasher and laancer active to come back

Not a single active on pvp is there?

Soooo does anyone know if the lancer still has the damage bonus after an active reload in pvp or nah? Because honestly I could care less about every other guns dps except for the lancer

No it doesn’t.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


It does and doesn’t. It just pisses me off that the most iconic gun in the game not to mention the main default weapon you start with , is nerfed horribly. The lancer is absolute garbage in gears 5. If they would have kept the mechanics from 3 and kept everything else from 5 they would have a best seller imo


The active damage boost got removed a while ago.

I had no idea, last gears I played before 5 was 3 and they had it then :man_shrugging:t4:

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Gears 5 launched with it but it got removed about middle of last year.

This may be why you have seen inconsistent responses/answers online

I’m pretty sure both the embar and longshot have larger hitboxes when active reloading, making it much easier to hit headshots.

Makes sense, I heard a lot of people complained about gun mechanics and saw that they nerfed the gnashers damage rage, but idk why they would do that to the lancer. It basically forces you to use ground weapons instead of your own arsenal. But the problem isn’t big enough for me to quit playing, I just love playing gears too much :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:t4:

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Gnasher gib range recently got increased too (compared to where it was before)

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It’s a shame the list of weapon active reload effects wasn’t completed.

Does anyone have a definitive list of what these effects are for each weapon?

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When i active with these weapons, i believe their actives as follows:

Active hammerburst feels like faster bursts.
Active lancer assualt rifles has less recoil.
Markza MK 1 Marksmen rifle has a faster and less recoil. My timing on the shots shorten if you know what i mean.
Active overkill shotgun shoots all 4 in a burst i think.

By the way, i can not feel the faster bow charge ever. idk y. lol