Active reload buffs officially removed!?

Totally done with this game it looks like. Please tell me I’m reading the “what’s up” wrong. Theyre removing the buffs with active reload such as damage/fire rate with the lancer as it is the dev playlist? Tell me this isn’t happening… if it’s gone then so am I.

I can deal with not having any kind of aim assist, but this game is just getting so BORING with all the removals of concepts and ideas. The lancer is not OP. The gnasher will always reign supreme. Gnasher is getting even easier to use, and that one style of play (rush) is getting easier and easier. It’s going to be the one style one weapon game.

DO NOT take away the buff for getting an active reload. It doesn’t even make sense. You made it a little more difficult, less predictable, more skill related…but you just get rewarded with a slightly faster reload than if you hit the grayer area.


Either play roly poly shotguns and embrace it or find another game if you don’t like pve sadly. I wish it was just ranked only but it isn’t so I just won’t touch versus again unless I’m desperate for stars for the tour.


I will definitely find another game if this is indeed the route they’re taking. This game is as boring as it is…now they took out an entire concept related to the mechanics in the game. The adhesion is gone right? It’s more difficult to hit an active…okay…now let’s remove the reward for getting an active…can you bury the weapon and this game any further into the ground?

This was a mechanic since the introduction to gears that separated itself from other games…gone

I can live without damage boosts from actives.

“Here’s a damage boost for timing a reload that’s easy to achieve.” … no thanks.

I would like the original GoW version back if it was up to a vote. People would have to lose ammo and give your position away from the sound.

I always disliked being able to get actives; anytime, no risk involved, only a “cool down” until your next chance.


Same here. I dont see why it’s so hard to have a cover based shooter with a viable rifle. I like shotgun fights but if it’s not wall canceling through the map, cover it almost pointless when the only playstyle is rush, rush, rush.


It’s more practical for actives to only give a quicker reload.

Adding in a boost makes movement more unpredictable.


It’s not “practical” enough to warrant its removal.

This will cause a lot of problems. As someone who has wanted more rifle play, more diversity in play style this is the last straw for me. I’m so tired of the rush, rush, rush style.

I come back from a gears hiatus. I play, get rlly good with the gnasher. I use the lancer, I’m great with both. I can deal with the lack of adhesion, and skillful active reload! I think they’re awesome updates to the game. But the gameplay is very centered around the gnasher and that’s great! It rlly is. I get it. But now further reducing the effectiveness and incentive to use anything but the gnasher is redundant and mind numbingly boring. It gets BORING FAAAAST using the same gun alllllllll game every game.

People say it’ll increase skill, tired of lancer users. But this strips tactics, and play style diversity even further.

I understand I’m in the minority but I just can’t deal anymore. I don’t agree with the community and I don’t agree with TC. Honestly can’t believe they’d do this. It’s a dumb decision and I can only hope they bring it back.


Sadly, you have a very big part of the community that when a match starts, they swap to the gnasher and nothing else. No frags, no power weapons, only play koth because they can gib as much as they want. I’d rather have a more tactical approach to gears but as long as TC makes it all about speed and rushing, it will never happen.

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Have u even played the dev list the gameplay is a lot more Fun.

It’s pretty much the same as GoWJ reload now


I’ve played it probably more than you.

I have already said countless times that I love the removal of adhesion and the skillful active reload.

At this point you’re just trolling.

And we all know how well that went haha.


@Crazyjacknuts I know I’ve argued with you plenty before, but I can’t just leave you unnoticed here my friend.

“diversity of playstyles” doesn’t necessarily equate fun now does it? Its why people hated the Sawed-off shotgun in GOW3, its why people hated the loadouts as well, its why people hate the flashbangs in GOW5 (even though I love them so I’m in minority myself there) just giving players tons of loadout options (which starts to sound more like another popular shooter I might add) isn’t necessarily “fun” is it?

I remember asking someone on my friendlist (who has also been playing Gears of War for many years) whether or not bodying people ever gets old, you already know what his answer was lol its become so entwined into people’s minds at this point. If I get a double kill with the gnasher I feel like a god, I could down entire teams with the lancer and its essentially meaningless… I just don’t think the Lancer was ever really meant to be a loadout weapon in the first place, it was essential in Single-Player because enemies could kill you in a New York minute but in PvP I think its dull as hell to use. I’m a skilled marksman so I definitely use it often, but I would be lying to you if I said its exciting to use.

@GMBR1990 If you play on lower ranks you may very well see that, but in a competitive match only a fool wouldn’t pick up the power weapons, I also wonder if your support fire (in the form of Lancer) allows them to get away with being so aggressive? The fact remains that only a couple of maps in this game are Gnasher dominant (Allfathers and Canals) so if you see people just shotgunning each other for days in a Vasgar or Icebound match you must be playing with some dummies.

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Trust me, I’m usually the only player with a mic doing call outs or asking for help. I play support but I’ll push when need be. My goal is to spot and push/defend the power weapons so my team or I can pick them up. I’ve been playing since 06 but recently I cannot seem to find teammates that communicate or help out like the used to.

I typically run fat stacks mainly because I just enjoy the communication a lot more (it gets lonely by yourself all the time :cry:) so I don’t have to experience dealing with randoms every game, all I gotta say is just find decent players you enjoy playing with (I always value intellect over skill but whatever you like)

The matchmaking system in this game is oftentimes awful, like I went into solo queue (last time I did this) and I was playing against a 4/5 stack, a couple of them I know for sure were Masters level, so unsurprisingly we lost, that’s the reason I can’t play solo too much because I just get awful luck and get shafted by god tier opponents.

I suppose if both of you play solo that kinda explains things, you can’t really get away with lancering too much because you don’t know exactly where enemies are (they can flank you) and since your teammates probably don’t know to finish your kills for you then the lancer probably doesn’t seem as good, but when you be playing a 5v5 match with good opponents lancer becomes the go to weapon.

Reclaimed, Foundation, Vasgar, Icebound, District, Lift (back when it was in rotation of course), are all insanely lancer heavy, even on maps like Asylum/Exhibit where one wouldn’t assume lancers to be as strong (because of snipers/size) they’re still hella strong and play a really crucial role every match. Even the two maps I mentioned earlier that don’t seem to be as lancer heavy (Allfathers and Canals) you’ll still see some lancer-fire in certain positions (top mid pretty much)

I can understand why people see the lancer as weak now, they’re playing with randos that never use the lancer so of course they get the impression its weak af because nobody else uses it (for the reasons I mentioned above), sweaty matches play a lot different than regular ones I think.

@Crazyjacknuts does what I’m saying to GMB apply to you?

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That’s probably the case because anytime I try to play ranked all I see are Lancers and they know where I am at all times. I suppose I do need to find some mates to play with and I would rather have laid back people who communicate than higher skilled players. Playing solo is pretty much Russian roulette in this game. I’m glad we can discuss and agree on these things because everyone is already freaking out over the changes in the game.

anyways my guy you are free to add me, I won’t be playing Gears 5 until the 30th (I’ve been taking a break from it) but I don’t mind playing with anyone as long as they aren’t toxic (I’m toxic, but I have limits) and even if you aren’t quite at my level yet I can always hook you up ( :kissing_heart:) with some of the other people on my friend list, like I know one gal (bless her heart) that’s a silver in KOTH, I always add people with redeeming personalities :joy:

my GT is as is on here (no underscore)

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Im just praying they. " DONT " slow this game down even more. Im sitting here asking for op.2 movement and they are thinking about slowing the cover slide another 10%
( WTF)
SLIDING IS SOOOOO SLOW AS IT IS. Its border line gringy. Sliding already gets you killed over bot walking. ( who the ■■■ wants to do that all the time)
If they do slow it down even more. I WILL BE QUITTING. Instead of getting the series X. Ill be getting the ps5.
So if they are doing this bs. Hurry up , so i can focus on playstation.

Sounds good! I am on vacation for the next week but I will add you! I’ll play about any game mode, either pvp or pve.

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Fair enough but in gears 3 you can’t deny the lancers base damage was at least slightly higher than in 5